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How to Increase Sales with Commercial Audio Video in Southlake, Texas

Follow These Tips for a Successful Fourth Quarter

How to Increase Sales with Commercial Audio Video in Southlake, Texas

If you work in retail, you know that the fourth quarter is the most crucial; you count on it to bring in the most sales of the year due to the holidays. Just like the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, the stakes are high and the battle is intense. To beat out your competitors, you need to be different and use cutting edge technology to draw customers in. Here are some tips on how to use our custom commercial audio video solutions in your Southlake or Dallas, Texas business this season.

1.Play Certain Playlists at Strategic Times
The type of songs you play can certainly affect the way your shoppers handle themselves in the store. Slow beats, and soft tunes will sooth your shoppers and help them relax as they slowly browse your merchandise. High-energy songs like Jingle All The Way will quicken their steps and help them get in and out faster—perhaps even persuading them to get their shopping list done super-fast instead of window shopping for hours. With our music systems, you can create holiday playlists them program the system to turn it on at special times. Play soft songs during the day on the weekends, and something faster on Christmas Eve to match the tone. If you can tell the customers aren’t feeling the music, you can easily change it on a mobile device. By separating zones of audio throughout the store, you can also play different music in every corner of the building. Tailor your playlist to men in the men’s clothing section, and female-friendly songs in the women’s department. 
2.Pay Attention to the Lighting Design
The greatest tip we can give you is that brighter is better. Not only do bright lights energize people, but they also liven the mood and highlight your sparking merchandise. No one wants to enter a store that looks and feels like a dungeon. At the same time, the quality of your lights matter. Use a soft white instead of a plain white to go easy on your clients’ eyes. Also, invest in smart LEDs instead of the cheaper light bulbs which can give you headaches. You can also use dimmers to alert customers to specials, events, or when it’s time to close the store. Lower the lights to let them know they have 15 minutes left to make a final purchase. 
3.Take Advantage of Digital Signs or Video Displays to Feature Sales
When you have a digital sign, instead of a traditional one, you can easily change the message and scroll images, text, or video. The fact is that we live in an image-based society now and people respond more to images and video than static text. We can install a digital sign that displays your eye-catching promotions and fun videos to encourage window shoppers to come inside your store and check out the merchandise.
Video walls or displays also help add to your seasonal décor. Place a large screen (or multiple together) near the Christmas tree to show off your products, sales and other information. Everyone loves to look at the beautiful tree this time of year, so take advantage by adding some more beauty and sending your customers a clear message. 
If you need help designing a strategy, or need a last minute repair or update in your store, please contact us online! We are here to help you succeed at the busiest time of the year.