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How to Get Organized With Smart Home Automation

Back to School Will Be a Breeze With a Smart Home Installation

How to Get Organized With Smart Home Automation

When the fall season hits, getting back into a routine can be difficult. If you have children, getting them ready for school in the morning can be particularly hectic. And even if you don’t, getting organized at home can be a challenge when you have a busy schedule. 

Crown Audio Video can help by installing smart home automation in your house near Frisco, Texas. We have many easy-to-use solutions that can revolutionize your lifestyle. Here are some examples.

Automate Your Mornings and Evenings

If you have a hard time getting up and going in the morning, having a smart home can help. When we install a control system, you can set all of your devices to turn on or off at specific times. For example, program your system to wake you up every day by turning on the lights, drawing the shades, and starting a fun music playlist right at 7:30 a.m. You can even customize the system to wake everyone up at different times, so if your kids need to be up at 8, but you want to get started at 6, you can open an app on your tablet and select the room and time you desire.

Saying goodnight at the end of the day is just as easy. If you don’t want to time it with automation, we can create a “Goodnight” button for you that is easily accessible at your bedside. Hit one button and all the lights go off, the doors lock, and you are ready for some rest.

Stay Safe When Everyone’s Away

Back to school means everyone is out of the house, so it’s important to make sure your home is protected at all times. Our team can install surveillance cameras and a strong network to give you access to video monitoring at all times. While you are at work, all you have to do is open an app on your phone to check on the dog outside, or the various grounds of your property. We can also enable alerts to be sent to you via a text message if a window is broken or someone approaches the front door. You get to decide which notifications you want to receive, so you home truly has a personal touch.

Are you ready to get organized? Fill out our online contact form. We’d love to help make your schedule easier to manage.