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How to Embrace The Great Outdoors This Summer

Amp Up Your Vacation With Sweet Outdoor Music

How to Embrace The Great Outdoors This Summer

Summer is here in the Dallas area, and that means a few things.  School is out, traffic will get ever-so-slightly better, and we’ll be spending more time outdoors.  It will be hot as always, but that’s why we have swimming pools here. 

What better way to enjoy your pool and outdoor living spaces than with the right AV technology?  Nothing beats a float in the pool, a cold drink in hand, and great tunes on a hot summer day. Or a beautiful summer afternoon spent watching baseball on the patio under the gentle breeze of the overhead fan. 

If you want to enjoy the best in outdoor living, read on to see how.


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It’s easier than ever to have high-quality audio outdoors, as the types of available speakers and systems have expanded to fit budgets and aesthetics.  Speakers can hide among plants in your garden.  Ceiling speakers can be flush mounted in your covered patio area.  Speakers that look like rocks can blend into your landscaped areas.  Subwoofers can be buried underground for potent – and practically invisible - bass response. Below we highlight some companies that could completely transform your outdoor living spaces.


The Sonance Landscape series is one of those systems designed to make your outdoor space sound as good as indoors.  It’s based on a subwoofer and satellite system design – the subs supply the bass notes, and the satellites the midrange and high notes.  The system can blanket a large outdoor area with an even sound that is not directional – it appears to come from everywhere. 

The Sonance rock speaker hides a full range speaker under a rock.  It’s not quite under a rock, but it is housed in a very weatherproof faux stone with waterproof drivers, so you don’t have to worry about heavy rains damaging them.  It’s a great option around pools or to fit into a garden.

Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustics is another excellent choice for outdoor audio.  The company’s AS41 system also uses buried subwoofers and hidden satellite speakers and can blanket an area of up to 2500 square feet with hi-fi worthy sound. Their DSP3-700 amplifier is specifically designed for outdoor use and can power a whole array of subwoofers and speakers for a large outdoor installation.  The satellite speakers are mounted on stakes and can hide among shrubs or other landscaping. 


While we’re talking about entertainment for your outdoor living space, why not consider an outdoor TV?  In the summer evening, you could enjoy a Rangers baseball game on your covered patio with a Sunbrite outdoor TV.  With models ranging from 32-75 inches and built to withstand bugs, humidity, and heat, they are the perfect complement to your outdoor audio. You could even pipe the TV’s sound through the outdoor speakers. 

Are you ready to amp up your outdoor entertainment?  Let us show you the many options.  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team.