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How to Create the Ideal Dining Environment

3 Ways to Add Audio and Video Automation to your Frisco, TX Restaurant

How to Create the Ideal Dining Environment

The perfect restaurant environment is not easy to achieve; there are so many factors that contribute to the guests’ dining experience. As you plan the menus and train your serving staff, don’t forget about your audio/video system. A well-planned control system does a lot of the work toward creating a unique and comfortable environment that sets your space apart. We can help you develop a design that caters to your restaurant's specific needs, whether you want to evoke the feeling of dining in Italy or you want everyone in your space to be able to see the big game. Read on to learn about three ways to update your restaurant with audio/video automation. 

Total Restaurant Audio and Video

One of the best ways to update your restaurant is to install a unified audio/video system. Strategically place speakers throughout the space so each seat is roughly the same distance from the music source. Crown Audio Video can separate the sections of audio as well so that you can play different playlists in separate areas and adjust the volume if a customer complains. We can install invisible speakers so they are completely hidden or in-ceiling speakers that blend into the wall. All of this is controlled through one smart system that you can access through a touch screen, tablet, or handheld remote. When you can control your whole system from one interface, you can easily adjust settings to meet your restaurant’s ever-changing requirements. Let’s say your team makes the playoffs. At the touch of a button, transfer the audio to the television so your guests can both hear and see the game. Whatever you imagine your restaurant to be, your audio/video system can handle it.

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Special Event Rooms

Special events can bring in significant revenue for your restaurant. If you have dedicated space for parties, corporate events, or other private dining options, then why not take it to the next level with the right AV equipment? If you have a room with a built-in projector and audio system that a customer could easily connect to, then you’ll stand apart to businesses looking to plan a lunch meeting. Let’s say you have a system that connects to a wireless microphone, then guests will have no trouble hearing the speeches at the rehearsal dinner. With these audio video additions, booking parties will be simple.

Personal Screens and Sound

Make the guest experience extra special by putting the controls in their own hands. Guests can manage their own television and sound settings using a hand-held remote or tablet. We can work out a system that provides each patron freedom without disturbing the guests around them.

Are you interested in any of these options? Or do you have a different AV requirement for your Frisco restaurant? We can help find the right solution for you. Contact us, and we can get to work creating the perfect audio video plan for you.