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How to Best Use Your Whole Home Audio

What Sound Provides Every Space of Your Home

How to Best Use Your Whole Home Audio

We know can get a little hung up on the technical features of whole home audio. While selecting the best equipment and attention to detail during the installation process ensures a high-performing audio system, that’s not the only important factor to consider. How will audio fit into your Dallas, TX home and how will you use it? In this article, we’re covering three distinct spaces to illustrate the benefits audio can provide; whether it be wired or wireless, invisible or on display, etc. Continue reading to learn more. 

Living Room

With its comfortable seating, the living room is an ideal place to relax with family, read a book, or watch a little television. For the first two, audio can provide a lovely sonic backdrop. Your whole home audio system can be sourced from streaming services that provide many options that may not be in your personal library. You can chat with friends while listening to Beethoven or read while Coltrane plays. Plus, if you want to make adjustments, you won’t need to stop what you’re doing. Use a smartphone or tablet to make changes to song, station, volume, etc.

Or, if you’re watching a show after work, switch the source of your audio to the television. Your professionally installed speakers will provide a better sonic experience than your TV’s. Every day you can experience a cinema quality surround sound feel to fully enjoy your relaxation time.


When entertaining, the kitchen often becomes the centerpiece of your home. Next time you’re throwing a party, set the right mood with whole home audio. Individualize the evening by creating a playlist from your personal music collection. Maybe you’ve invited a few of your oldest friends; play songs exclusively from your glory days. If it’s a Fourth of July celebration, play songs written about living in America. 

Hidden speakers like those from Sonance work well in the kitchen. Since you probably need all the space for storing pots and pans, plates, and food, hide the speakers in the walls and ceiling. Your space will look elegant, and the audio will sound fantastic.

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Home audio can help you transition from day to night and back again, which is why it works so well in the bedroom. In the mornings, music can help you greet the day. As a part of your whole home automation system, you can schedule music to start playing when it’s time to wake up. Select a song that pumps you up or have the system surprise you. You’ll find yourself a little more willing to get out of bed.

In the evenings, utilize audio to help you relax. If you’re having difficulties falling asleep, you may seek entertainment to ease you into sleep mode. Looking at a screen, like televisions or tablets, can actually have the opposite effect. The light can trick your brain into thinking it’s daylight and make you feel more awake. Consider audio solutions. Source podcasts or books on tape to your whole home audio and use it to catch some Zs.

These are just a few of the improvements you’d find with a whole home audio system. It’s only a phone call away, contact Crown Audio Video today.