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How to Add a Theater to Your Texas Apartment Building

Entice Renters with Entertainment and a Community Feel

How to Add a Theater to Your Texas Apartment Building

If you own or operate an apartment complex in the McKinney area, you’re probably always looking for new ways to bring in residents. Did you know that the modern renter is looking not just for a roof over their head, but a community? Many luxury apartment buildings are turning to the power of entertainment to entice new renters. Find a reputable home theater installation service to tip the scales in your favor at every apartment showing. As you describe the weekly movies and options to schedule the room for private screenings, watch how their eyes light up. To learn more about the process of installing a theater into your apartment building, read on. 

Select the Space

The first important decision you’ll need to make is where you will locate the theater. Since there will be many people using the space, you will want it to be fairly big. You probably also want your theater to be in a centralized location, so all residents have easy access. If you have a larger apartment complex, it may be smart to install multiple theaters to accommodate all your renters comfortably.

The space is also integral to creating a theater with cinema qualities. For instance, you’ll want to select a room with little ambient light to ensure that your picture quality is top-notch. If you can’t find a room without windows, there are options. You could install motorized shades with a blackout option so that you can achieve total darkness when the movie begins.

Automate the Whole Room

Whether you allow renters to use the space on their own or have employees assist, you will want the theater to be as easy to use as possible. By automating the room’s lighting, shades, and audio video components, it will simplify the whole process. The user can select their desired movie via a tablet and press a button to start the film. After pressing “start film,” the lights will dim, blackout shades will descend, the projector and audio components will turn on, and the space will transform into a cinema. If you need to pause the film for any reason, press “pause” on the tablet to turn up the lights and stop the movie.

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Choose Ideal Audio Video Components

When designing and installing a home theater, many factors can affect the quality of the picture and sound. From the projector to the seats to the flooring, all components of the theater work together to form a truly cinematic experience. In order to ensure that you are selecting equipment that will work well together and match your space, it's best to spend some time with an audio video expert. We can help you find an ideal room, assess the acoustics and light of the space, and put together a theater system that will work perfectly. We will help you select accessories as well, including seating. We will install seating so that all visitors will experience the audio system at its best and have a comfortable view of the screen.

Ready to impress potential residents with a beautiful theater? Contact Crown Audio Video today to get started.