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How Restaurants Can Avoid Common Audio/Video Mistakes

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How Restaurants Can Avoid Common Audio/Video Mistakes

When it comes to creating an ideal dining environment in your Westlake, TX restaurant, audio and video can be great tools. They help you create a soothing or engaging environment, promote products, and even reinforce your brand. But if your restaurant audio video solution has problems, they can be glaring and become a nuisance for staff and a turnoff for guests as well. So how can you make sure that your system is performing as needed? Below we highlight some common AV mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Don’t Veer Off Brand

Not having a honed-in concept is a problem that often happens in restaurants. It can be due to an overzealous menu, confusing décor, or even the music and video you play in your space. An Irish pub shouldn't be serving sushi or play soft jazz through its restaurant sound system. It’s important to have a restaurant audio/video system in place that makes it easy to find and play content that is appropriate for your space. You can quickly train staff on how to use it, then it is up to shift managers to ensure they are playing music and video that matches your brand.

Finding the Right Volume

Another common complaint about restaurants is audio volume. This is a tricky one to deal with since it goes both ways. In some environments –like a sports bar showcasing the local team—low volume can be frustrating for diners. If audio is too loud, though, it becomes a nuisance and keeps clients from wanting to stick around. There are a few restaurant AV features that can help. For one, you can save your favorite settings and pull them up at a later time once you find the ideal volume. You should also have an easy way to make adjustments in case of any diner complaints. Finally, divide up your space into zones. You may want your audio at different levels in your main dining hall, bar, and outdoor patio.

Having Stagnant Displays

You’ve gone out of your way to install impressive flat screens in your restaurant, so why waste them by having them turned off or not showcasing engaging content? Make sure that someone is always responsible for refreshing these displays throughout the day. You can use them to show sports games, trivia, music videos, or even dining specials and promotions. With a professionally installed system, it’s easy to make these adjustments. From a dedicated touchpad, you can pull up certain channels or content at the press of a button. This way you can retain vibrant displays without imposing a heavy burden on your staff.

Dealing with Copyright Issues

When choosing the content you want to use in your restaurant, be careful that you're always doing so legally. For any cable or satellite service, always sign up for their business packages. When it comes to streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, they offer designated commercial playlists that will help you steer clear of any copyright issues.

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