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How Motorized Window Treatments can Elevate Your Customer Experience

Simplify Comfort in Your Restaurant

How Motorized Window Treatments can Elevate Your Customer Experience

An innovative menu can draw customers in, but can it keep them in your Dallas, TX restaurant after they're done eating? Creating a comfortable environment in your eatery is essential to customer retention. Patrons will spend more time and money in your establishment if they're not sweating or suffering from sunlight glare. Motorized window treatments can help you manage the comfort of your spaces and help you reduce energy costs. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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Managing Sunlight

The primary function of motorized window shades is to help you manage sunlight. Motorized shades can help minimize the glare in your dining room, reduce UV damage to your deck or patio, or even use sunlight strategically for aesthetic purposes.

Sunshades – translucent fabrics designed to let light through – can help lower glare and minimize solar heat gain in your dining room. Sitting close to the window, they offer high visibility while blocking the brightest sun rays. Depending on the style of fabric you choose, your customers could still take in the surrounding sights while enjoying their meal.

Additionally, the screens can help minimize the damage and bleaching the sun can cause at peak hours. The shades lessen the impact of UV rays, so your furnishings remain safe and your HVAC system doesn't have to work as hard.

Plus, interior designers are beginning to see the value in using sunlight strategically throughout the space. Motorized shades play a role in daylight sculpting and can help the design of your restaurant stand out.

Energy Savings

Motorized shades can help your restaurant save energy by reducing your reliance on your HVAC and lighting systems. You can install and integrate sensors that will prompt your shades to adjust throughout the day automatically.

Sensors will keep track of the heat or light in the room and make changes to the position of the shade and the thermostat accordingly. The shades will help reduce solar heat gain, so the thermostat adjusts less frequently. The ultimate result is a more comfortable dining room and lower energy costs.

Similarly, when you integrate lighting automation, you can tie the systems together. Artificial lights will raise as the shades reduce the sunlight. Customers won't even notice the change.

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