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How Each Room Can Benefit From Motorized Shades

Three Spaces with Unique Needs

How Each Room Can Benefit From Motorized Shades

If you’re considering adding motorized shades to your Allen, TX home, then you’re in good company. Homeowners across the country have been discovering the convenience and efficiency of automating their window dressings. In all rooms, these shades are easy to adjust--you can even use your smartphone, attractive, and help you save on energy costs. However, within specific spaces, these shades can have unique benefits that fulfill the needs of the rooms themselves. To learn more about how shades can impact three areas of your home, read on. 


In the bedroom, shades can have a huge impact on your privacy needs. When the sun starts to set, and you start turning on your inside lights, your window can become a showcase. This is also the time that you’re spending the most time in your bedroom and when you least want to be seen, but sometimes you forget to shut the blinds. That will never be a problem when you have motorized shades. Talk to your integrator about scheduling your shades with an astronomical clock. That way when the sunlight wanes, your shades will descend. If you combine your shades with lighting control, then your lights can also automatically turn on to keep your room at the right illumination.

We would also suggest utilizing blackout shades in your bedroom. You’d be surprised how much ambient light can come through your windows at night--from streetlights and other homes. Using blackout shades keeps these distractions at bay and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

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Media Room

Blackout shades can also positively impact your media room. If you don’t want to devote an entire space to a home theater, but you also want a space to immerse yourself in a film, shades can help. Using blackout shades and other home automation tools, you can transform a normal room into a cinematic experience. Work with an integrator, like Crown, to place your audio/video equipment, shades, and lighting within one control system. We will also help create a collection of settings, or a scene, which you can activate when you’re ready to watch the latest blockbuster. Select your film, and press play: the blackout shades will descend, the lights will dim, the projector will turn on, the screen descends, and your audio switches to the right channel to create the perfect watching environment.

Living Room

When selecting a home, potential buyers are usually looking for “great light,” which means lots of windows. While the sun can have so many positive impacts on a home, it can also cause fading and damage to your furniture and fabrics. After installing your motorized shades, your integrator can help you create a schedule that will mitigate these effects. The shades will be open in the morning, to help wake up you, but then descend around the time you leave for work. You can still enjoy your windows, but block out the damaging light when it’s at it strongest. The best part, you don’t even have to remember.

This schedule has another positive impact: savings on your energy bill. Select shades designed to also block out the sun’s heat. That way the strong Texas sun won’t be warming up your home all day, and your AC can get a break.

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