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How Do You Design the Ultimate Smart Home?

A Home Automation Company Guides You Through a Successful Install

How Do You Design the Ultimate Smart Home?

Often clients looking to upgrade their smart technology in Frisco, TX make the mistake of thinking home automation companies serve as retailers. Usually, they'll inquire about adding a particular product or feature they've seen in a commercial or at a neighbor's house. The truth is the home automation company you work with should be there as your guide and not just there to sell you a product.

One way to understand it is to think of the other people working on your home: an architect, interior designer, or even plumber. Each offers distinct expertise to provide a solution. Though it might come up, meetings don’t revolve around buying a replacement pipe, couch or architectural finish. Home automation companies work the same way.

The goal isn’t just to sell you a thermostat or speaker but to design a comprehensive smart home. Once you realize that, you'll also understand how important it is that these companies have a transparent process in place. Ultimately the goal is to build a relationship with the client to ensure they get exactly what they expect from their new technology.

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Initial Consultation

The first step should be to set up a one-on-one consultation to gauge your needs. During this meeting, you'll discuss the technology and features you're interested in and what areas of your home you'd like to add them to. Even though that may change during the conversation, it's important to know your top priorities from the start. Valued contractors or employees like property managers, builders or designers should be part of this discussion.

Design and Engineering

Experts on our team will then take the information from that meeting and come up with comprehensive design for your smart home automation system. Recommended hardware, its location, necessary wiring, and labor considerations are all included in these documents. The team will meet with you or your property manager to go over the designs and get your approval and feedback. Once we have your approval, our engineers will add their plans and present the final draft.


Usually, home automation companies will carry out the installation in different ways depending on whether your project is new construction or retrofit. For new constructions, it’s a two-step process. During the construction phase, we’ll go in and add all the necessary wiring foundation and, in some cases, any in-wall features like speakers or touchpad mounts. Once walls are up, we’ll come back in and add all the equipment including TVs, thermostats, and keypads. For retrofits, often the installation needs to be streamlined, so homeowners don't have to deal with open walls for long. 


Now comes the fun part! It’s important to work with a home automation company that walks you through your brand-new technology solution once it’s finished. We’ll show you how to manage every part of your smart home and stick around for any questions you have. If something comes up once we leave, you can call us or check out our online tutorials for help.

Maintenance and Support

Once we’ve finished your initial installation, we’ll provide you all the final documents. These are vital if you want to get any updates or maintenance down the line from someone else. However, our goal is to build a lasting relationship with all of our clients. We’re there to help if you ever need repairs, maintenance or upgrades down the line. We know your system better than anyone, so we’ll be able to offer the best service possible for your smart home.

Want to learn more about our smart home installation process and why we’re the go-to home automation company in the Dallas-Forth Worth Area? Call us at (214) 377-9434, fill out our contact form or click below to chat with one of our customer service representatives.