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Home Theater Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Crown Audio Video Highlights the Best Products for Your Texas Custom Home Theater

Home Theater Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The hottest items on Black Friday are always the electronics. Large flat-screen TVs, iPads, computers, smartphones and more draw millions of people all over the country to the stores the day after Thanksgiving. But the downside is that you have a high chance of getting trampled at 4 a.m. when those doors open. They don't call it "door busters" for nothing. Some of you may brave the throngs of people at the malls, but most of you will probably stay safe in your Southlake or Dallas, Texas home having a cup of joe and relaxing on your day off. In either case, we have some product recommendations for the custom home theater lovers out there—whether you bust those doors or stay in your recliner.

1. Black Diamond Projection Screen

With years of research and development under their belts, Screen Innovations created the Black Diamond, a screen that retains 900% greater contrast in a bright environment. Since its inception and release in 2008, it has impressed individuals and businesses owners alike with its high-contrast projections and range of depth in producing vivid images on screen in bright environments. Even if your home theater or commercial space has numerous windows or lights, a Black Diamond screen will project a clear picture and bright colors. Now with motor technology, this screen can be rolled down over windows, walls, or doors. This product would be ideal for a media room or home theater with lots of windows.

2. Sony 4K Television

4K is the new TV buzzword. However, unlike 3D which was a bust of sorts, 4K is here to stay. So what is it? 4K stands for four-thousand pixels, which refers to the amount of resolution the new display is capable of on the horizontal axis. The "1080P" TV set you recently bought would loosely be called a "2K" set because the resolution it sports on the horizontal axis is just shy of two-thousand pixels (1,920 to be exact). The other reason it is called 4K, is the total resolution of a 4K TV is actually 4-times greater than your trusty 1080P TV.

In specific terms, a 1080P set has about two million total pixels, while a 4K set has over 8 million. You may also have seen the terms "UHD". This stands for "Ultra-High Definition", and means the same thing as 4K.

These new TVs look spectacular. When you watch a video that was produced in 4K on a 4K TV, you could swear it looks real. Color, detail, motion...all of it is superior to 1080P technology. Also, the higher pixel count allows you to sit closer to your TV since you don't lose picture clarity. As a leader in video technology, Sony is a brand you can trust to deliver quality and performance.

3. Control4 Universal Remote

We love Control4, not just because it's a top-quality company, but also because they have a wide-range of products for everyone to enjoy. Today, smart home owners are controlling their homes using an app on their iPads or Android tablets, or smartphones. But if you like having a lightweight, handheld remote, Control4 also offers a universal remote. The SR-260, and SR260-I are the perfect hand-held interfaces for your home theater and entire home. These remotes have an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation, and are customizable for your home's individual features. Hit one button and lower the projection screen, hit another and lower the shades for a movie.

4. Revel By Harman Surround Sound System

While 4K is certainly the TV buzzword, Dolby Atmos is the audio buzzword. Traditionally, soundtracks confine all the sounds to designated speakers, or "channels", which can only be heard from set angles. However, with Dolby Atmos, the sound is freed from these channels and can be separated into different segments, or "objects". As a result, each sound object can be moved anywhere in a three-dimensional space. The system, which features a three-tiered configuration, can then create lifelike sound so you feel as if you are right inside the scene of the movie. The sound objects also move around the room as they would in real life. So as the space ship rockets across the sky, you hear the blasts moving from point A to point B.

Our partner Revel By Harmon offers 5.1.2, 5.1.4, and 7.1.2/.4 channel systems that sound incredible and support Dolby Atmos movies. This system has won numerous awards this year and is highly-rated by consumers.

Skip the holiday crowds and give us a call at 214-377-94-34! We can get you that new large-screen 4K TV, surround sound system, universal remote and more! You can also contact us by filling out this online form.