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Get The Right Camera for Your Conference Room

From Huddle Rooms to Boardrooms, There’s One for Every Application

Get The Right Camera for Your Conference Room

We live in a golden age of communication.  Digital technology enables us to talk with anyone, anywhere in the world, in full motion video.  We can share information instantly, doing in minutes what used to take days only 30 years ago. 

Collaboration software has put a whole variety of what used to be separate functions together, letting us hold instant meetings either one to one, one to many, or many to many, at little to no cost save the availability of a robust Internet connection. 

So, what’s in your conference and meeting rooms?  Do you have the right cameras for today’s impromptu – or planned – video meetings?  Are you set up to do a remote training session over video with crisp visuals and audio?  Can you have an important meeting with a group halfway around the world and make sure nothing is lost in translation?  To do that, you need the right conference room camera equipment for your Dallas meeting spaces.  Read on to learn more about our partner ClearOne’s camera solutions for various types of spaces.

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Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras for Larger Spaces

Pan tilt zoom cameras are extremely versatile for a wide variety of applications.  For larger meetings, the ability to pan a room and capture all participants heightens the sense of being in the place for the remote viewers. 

PTZ cameras are excellent for video conferencing, telepresence, telemedicine, distance learning, and other applications.  These work best in larger rooms and spaces where you need to capture both a wide field of view and have the ability to zoom in and focus on a specific speaker or area, making them ideal for large conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, and training centers.

ClearOne PTZ cameras like the Unite 150 and 200 have remote control capabilities, both in-room and remotely, full HD 1080P video, powerful optical zooms, and the ability to stream audio and video over IP networks using industry standard H.264/H.265 protocols.  They are compatible with today’s most popular collaboration platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, and others. 

Solutions for Smaller Spaces

ClearOne has developed a camera that lets teams bring high-quality video conferencing and collaboration to smaller spaces like huddle rooms.  With the popularity of very open office environments, huddle rooms and spaces have become increasingly necessary as a way for small teams to have private areas to hold meetings and audio and video conferences.

The Unite 50 is an affordable solution for smaller spaces, providing HD video capability but enabling users to use their own choice of microphone and speaker. It is a USB 3.0 camera compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers.  With a 120-degree wide angle view, it can capture a small room perfectly. Users can use their own devices for microphone and speaker support or can use external ones that attach to the laptop for better quality.

For a complete solution for smaller spaces, ClearOne offers the Collaborate Versa 50.  The Collaborate Versa 50 packages a Unite 150 camera, a CHAT 150 speakerphone, and a hub for connecting multiple displays and other peripherals.  It is a compact, plug-and-play solution to turn any small meeting space into a video conferencing and collaboration hub.

Ready to outfit your Dallas meeting spaces with the latest conference room cameras and technology? Give us a call, fill out our online contact form, or click below to instantly connect with one of our collaboration experts.