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Get in the Groove With Whole Home Audio

Stream Lossless Music to Every Corner of Your Property

Get in the Groove With Whole Home Audio

Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a casual night in, music can play a large role in your daily life. A whole home audio system is a great way to enhance your McKinney, TX home and access your favorite streaming services at any time. Here, we’ll cover what it means to have high-quality music streaming throughout your house with ease and simplicity. Read on to learn more.

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What Is Lossless Audio?

Audio is often formatted to be compressed, which sometimes results in lost data. This means that common audio formats like MP3 and WMA offer a lower quality reproduction. With lossless audio, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. In fact, it allows you to store music without losing any information in the file. Some streaming services like Spotify and Tidal offer lossless tiers to customers, resulting in a much better quality listening experience from the services you already know and love. Now you can take advantage of these services and stream high quality audio throughout your home.

Streaming Without the Clutter

So how can you incorporate lossless streaming in your home? We can bring wireless capabilities into your existing whole home audio system, without the need for added clutter.In fact, it can do the opposite and reduce unsightly wires and hardware. Incorporate in-wall, or “invisible,” speakers to get the sound you want without compromising the style of your home. Simplify your system with centralized racking, which allows for audio video equipment to be stored in an unused closet or basement rather than in an area with high traffic. With partners like Control4, you can enhance your home with high quality audio while controlling it from a single remote or app. Streaming music has never been easier.

Stream Throughout Your Entire Property

If you have company over, you probably want your guests both indoors and outside to hear whatever music may be playing. With a whole home audio system, you don’t have to settle. Both indoor and outdoor music systems are available, so you don’t have to limit yourself. Transform your living area into a high quality listening room. Or enjoy the outdoors with your music by integrating an outdoor audio system. No matter how spacious your property, you can feel confident that your favorite music will reach all areas. Specialized AV wires and equipment ensure that your system won’t be ruined outdoors. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or just having a relaxing evening to yourself, the options are endless when it comes to audio listening.

Love music? Enjoy high quality sounds in every room with a whole home audio system. Contact Crown Audio Video by filling out this form or by giving us a call at (214) 377-9434.