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Four Advantages of Digital Signage Displays

Speed, Flexibility, Engagement, and Efficiency Advance Your Business

Four Advantages of Digital Signage Displays

The world has gone digital - mostly. Quite a few holdouts remain firmly rooted in the printed world though, and among those is the world of signage. If anyone remembers the old 1970 hit song Signs by the Five Man Electrical Band, they are of course, all around us. “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin' out the scenery, breakin’ my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”

Signage serves many purposes. They guide us on the road; they display prices for good and services; they show us what's on the menu at a restaurant, and also - as the song reminds us - tell us what to do and what not to do. By and large, most signage is still static. You print one or paint one, or however it happens to be done, and the information on it can't be changed. In today's information-centric digital world, why are static signs still used?

Of course, we understand there are cost, physical, and management reasons why all signs are not digital, in the same way, that there is still a place for paper and pen in today's world. But we also think that many businesses and organizations are not taking advantage of today's technology to innovate with digital signage.

In this blog, we'd like to focus on some advantages of using digital signage displays in your Dallas business that you may not have realized. And if we spark a new idea that you can use, we’d love to help you bring it to fruition.

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The Flexibility of Digital

We know that the flexibility of digital is the ability to change information quickly. With signage, there are production costs of making a new one. Imagine if there’s a little mistake in it, like misspelling a name in a building directory. Or worse, printing the wrong suite number for a busy office that confuses visitors. With a digital sign, those corrections are quickly made.

In today's digital marketing, A/B testing is a common practice. It's not that A/B testing did not exist before the digital age; marketers did experiment with different messages in other mediums. But digital technology makes A/B testing much more efficient and easier to measure. Imagine a restaurant or other retail establishment running a deal on a particular day of the week. Many restaurants have standing offers for specific days or hours. With digital menu boards, those offers can be easily changed. Change the day of the offer, the offer itself, the price, or any other element and compare the results. Digital signage technology makes that much cheaper.

Engaging Content

Text alone no longer cuts it; graphics and imagery make whatever the content and message is more appealing. With digital signage, including quality images and even video can create a more engaging experience. Whether its enticing pictures of a lunch entrée, or a detailed animated map for digital wayfinding, or the exact picture and location in a store of a product you are trying to find, images and video work to create a better customer experience.

You can also use the flexibility of digital signage to inform. Feeds of weather, news headlines, stock prices, or anything else relevant to your audience is engaging and can draw them into your other messages. In the workplace, digital signage can inform, boost morale, and motivate employees.

Advertising Possibilities

The real estate on a prominently placed sign is valuable. That's why billboards seen by thousands of drivers on the Central Expressway are prime locations. Digital signage can be valuable advertising real estate too. You can subsidize the cost of your digital signage investment by trading with partners and vendors for their services. If you have noticed the ads on well-traveled retail sites like Target and Best Buy, you understand what we are discussing here.

Increasing Efficiency

Large office buildings often employ front desk people for information help and to issue passes for security reasons. Frequently they get asked for directions to offices. Visitors often wait until the person frees up to get a question answered. An interactive digital wayfinding kiosk can reduce the need for front desk personnel and give visitors an always updated electronic directory as well as an easy way to quickly find where they’re going. The real person up front can focus on more valuable and less mundane tasks, increasing efficiency all around.

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