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Finding Speakers for Your Whole Home Audio System

Why You Should be Looking at Origin Acoustics

Finding Speakers for Your Whole Home Audio System

The speakers are one of the most important pieces of your whole home audio system. Not only are the speakers the gatekeepers of your sound, but they also need to fit in with your Frisco, TX area home’s decor. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect speakers, you may want to take a look at Origin Acoustics. For decades, they have been known for their audio innovations and reliable products. To learn more about their offerings and how they would fit into your home and style, continue reading. 

Architectural Speakers

Speakers that are designed to be built right into your walls or ceiling have some obvious advantages. First, they don’t take up any extra room in the space; making them perfect for smaller areas. As a part of your whole home audio system, you can fit speakers into nooks like bathrooms or closets to make getting ready in the morning a little more fun. In addition, these hidden speakers are virtually invisible to the eye and, therefore, won’t distract from a room’s decor.

One, perhaps less obvious advantage, is that they make it simpler to design home theaters and media rooms. Because they take up less room, you can more easily install more speakers to produce a true surround sound feel. Architectural speakers from Origin Acoustics incorporate moveable tweeters to ensure that you’re positioning sound in the right direction for optimal quality.

In their partnership with Bang & Olufsen, Origin Acoustics have taken their focus on design one step further. The partnership birthed the Celestial (in-ceiling) and Palatial (in-wall) series, both of which boast impressive acoustic credentials, while also delivering the understated, luxurious look that made a name for Bang & Olufsen.

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Outdoor Speakers

Whole home audio should include just that: your entire residence. So, what can Origin Acoustics offer in terms of outdoor audio? Their Seasons Collection represents the culmination of sound and style for outdoor living. One of the major challenges of producing great audio outside is that you’re fighting a lot of empty space. In order to create that all-encompassing feeling that accompanies great audio, the Seasons Collection utilizes strategically placed and buried subwoofers to add the extra level of bass you need. The next step is carefully thought out installation that helps drive the sound where you need it most, like the pool or patio areas.

Plus, these speakers are designed to fit in with your landscaping. All wires and electrical components are buried in the installation process, leaving only a small fixture that comes in several shapes and sizes. They can be hidden among plants or selected to mimic any lighting fixtures you already have on your property. That way you can enjoy high-quality sound without interrupting the flow of your garden.

If you’re interested in fitting Origin Acoustics into your home, then contact Crown Audio Video today. Fill out our form, and we can get started on providing your home with great, stylish sound.