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Experience Premium Entertainment with Professional Media Room Designs

Crown Audio Video Installs Video Streaming and Networking in Texas Homes

Experience Premium Entertainment with Professional Media Room Designs

If you’ve ever tried to build a piece of furniture or set up a complicated piece of technical equipment, you understand the amount of time and frustration that is involved in putting a room together. So why not hire a local AV installer in the Frisco, Texas area to do it for you? Crown Audio Video is adept at media room design, and can install a home entertainment system with video streaming capabilities and a strong network that gives you access to unlimited amounts of content. Read on to learn more.

Stream Video Content in 4K and Dolby Atmos
You may have already noticed that 4K video is on the rise, and viewing movies and TV shows in Ultra-HD is the hottest trend. But even if you have the newest TV on the market, how much 4K content is available for you to stream to your living room? The good news is that providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime have begun releasing shows and movies in 4K, and more is on the way. 
Not only are they increasingly producing content that is four-times higher in resolution than HD, but there are also more movies coming out that have been formatted for Dolby Atmos surround sound systems. The latest Blu-ray releases like “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1” are being released with incredible soundtracks – leading many to call them the best-sounding home video releases ever. With the right flat-screen TV installation, surround sound system, and 4K enabled streaming services, your media room will be in place for the best picture and sound you’ve ever experienced. But there are only a few more things missing….a strong network and smart controls.
Take Control with a Strong Network and the Control4 User Experience 
Imagine you are in your living room watching the news when your 5-year-old daughter comes in and says she wants to watch cartoons. Pull out your tablet or smartphone and simply choose her bedroom’s TV, select a channel and hit play. Instantly the program comes on and she can go have some fun. You didn’t have to touch tons of buttons or even leave the room to set it up for her.
Crown Audio Video makes this possible with AV switchers and a strong control system. Everything you want to watch is at your fingertips with our media distribution solutions, so it’s easy for any person in the family to get shows, movies, and games anywhere in the house instantly.
But the key to video streaming, in addition to the distribution system, is having a reliable Internet connection in place. Did you know that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are not really meant to handle the audio and video services available in your home today? High-bandwidth devices place a lot of pressure on home networks, so ISPs increase the capacity of the bandwidth to give you faster Internet speeds. However, many home networks aren’t able to deliver these speeds because the proper structure is not in place. If you have streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu, then we recommend you get a professional installer like us to put in a stronger network to support them. 
Crown Audio Video can work with you to choose a solution that best suits your needs and budget. Fill out this online form to get started