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Essential Elements of Conference Room Design

A building automation system can improve your meetings

Essential Elements of Conference Room Design

Your Frisco, TX business can benefit from a building automation system, and there’s no place you can benefit more than your boardroom. High-quality conference room design is essential to running efficient meetings and delivering your messages effectively. From setting up your meetings to ensuring everyone in the room can see and hear what’s going on, here are the essential elements of conference room design.

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AV Systems

In an increasingly online world, you need an AV system that can access the internet, deliver high-quality images, and facilitate clear verbal communication among your entire staff whether they’re local or remote.

Ultra HD flat-panel monitors will help, especially if they have built-in touch-screen capabilities. You can easily make adjustments or mark up visual presentations without losing concentration. Screen size and viewing angle are essential elements, and your integrator can help you find the right choices for your business.

And as you find the perfect balance between room capacity and effective use of technology, you should also consider adding a beam-forming microphone to your space. Beam-forming technology can pick up speakers no matter where they’re positioned in the room. In some cases, a single beam-forming mic can replace an array of 12 or more standard microphones.


It may not seem like it, but lighting has a significant effect on the way you feel throughout your day. Everything from the brightness and intensity of artificial fixtures to the position of the sun in the sky can promote or diminish your focus and activity.

In the conference room, lighting that’s too bright or too soft can lead to problems with concentration. Not only will bright lights potentially put a glare on your screens and make it hard to see, but the wrong lighting can influence how your staff performs.

Advanced lighting and shading control can solve this issue. With the touch of a button, you can dim the lights and adjust their intensity, while also lowering the shades for privacy and to reduce sunlight. That will help your staff stay focused on what you’re saying without becoming sluggish and uncomfortable.

Integrated Control

Smart control of your conference room technology is the key to superior design. With the touch of a button, you can transform your entire space. And now that major manufacturers like Crestron work with office communication systems like Microsoft Teams, integrated control is easier than ever.

You can take advantage of your lights, AV, and more from a single console or controller, while also scheduling meetings, launching video conferences, sharing files, and organizing inter-office messaging with the same system.

Want to get more out of your meeting time? Conference room design is an essential part of your success. Click here or give us a call at (214) 377-9434 today.