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Enhance Your Hotel With Commercial Audio Video From Crown

Offer the Best Hospitality in Texas With Automation

Enhance Your Hotel With Commercial Audio Video From Crown

What was your most memorable hotel experience? Maybe it was the amazing spa, the beautiful pool, or the luxurious towels you used. In the hospitality world, you need to stand out to achieve success. What will your signature be? Whether you fill your McKinney, Texas hotel with lovely scents or spend your efforts making sure the service is superb, we recommend you invest in commercial audio video. Technology will not only impress your guests, but also enhance all of your signature amenities that already delight your regulars. Keep reading to learn more about what we're talking about.

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Automate Every Room

To really "wow" your guests you need to design rooms with superior and unique technology. Automate every room by installing motorized shades, lighting control, and the very best audio and video systems. Place a TV mirror in the bathroom so they can enjoy shows while they brush their teeth or take a shower. Mount a flat-screen TV on the wall complete with surround sound and UHD picture. Include a variety of music channels that they can stream through the in-wall speakers. You could even tie in motion sensors in the room so that as soon as they step inside, the lights turn on for them. It's all about making a guest's experience extra special and extremely luxurious – and that may not have anything to do with the soft towels.

Smooth Out Operations

Running a hotel has its challenges. You have hundreds to thousands of guests in your high-end hotel every day. Meeting their every need is crucial to making a good impression. Use smart technology to manage their stay and to manage your staff. Keep an eye on everyone using security cameras in the common areas and hallways. Use intercom systems to communicate with the housekeepers, valets, concierges and front desk workers. Simulate special sequences using custom controls. Hit "after hours" and every night at 10 p.m. the lights dim throughout the hotel and the TVs and speakers turn off. Hit "Good morning" and the hotel gets ready by raising the shades, turning on all the lights, and broadcasting the morning news on the TVs in the dining areas and lobby. Automation opens up a lot of opportunities for you to maintain smooth operations, communication, and security,

Enhance Your Events

A large portion of your guests are usually staying for big events, such as weddings, conferences, and conventions. Your event space should also be equipped with high-end audio video and automation to make your customers experience perfect. You'll need lighting controls including dimmers, a large screen and projector, in-ceiling speakers or 2-channel loudspeakers at the front of the room, and easy-to-use controls for staff and management. A microphone system should also be easy to operate and you should include connections to Wi-Fi and computer systems for special presentations. With the latest audiovisuals and technologies in your conference center, your clients and guests will give you high recommendations for the next wedding for conference you host.

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