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Don’t Wait to Install a Commercial Audio System for Your Business!

Is Music the Missing Link in Your Office Building or Storefront? Find Out Today.

Don’t Wait to Install a Commercial Audio System for Your Business!

In many industries, commercial audio and video have become the standard as businesses become more tech-savvy. As a culture, our attention span seems to shrink by the day, leaving us craving more visual and auditory stimulation, even in business.  We see this “more is more” phenomenon everywhere - 8K presentation screens, complex audio distribution, digital signage, video walls and more.

Though the focus is on video, the real experience-maker is audio, leading to music in more rooms, surround-sound speakers in lobbies, sound stages in wineries and countless other possibilities. Why might your Irving, TX, company benefit from a more sound-centric design? Do you need advanced audio to meet your business needs? We suspect you’ll know after reading this blog.

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Your Employees Are Stressed

At first, this may seem like a weird point: After all, all employees at every office experience stress and anxiety symptoms sometimes. According to a study, about one-third of workers feels crippling anxiety on the job.

When you’re a manager, much of your employees’ job satisfaction depends on you, so use your office building to your advantage. If you have a spare room tucked away, Crown Audio Video would love to show you how to capitalize on the emerging biophilia trend by creating a serenity room. You don’t even need a separate room to calm employees: We can also split the audio into zones, giving individual departments more control of the music they stream. This gives detail-oriented professions, like accountants, the focus that they need, while allowing client-facing roles, like sales, to play energetic music between client calls.

You Have Complex Music Needs

Do you own a lively brewery with a thriving music scene? If you need to add a PA system and sound stage to your layout, you’re going to need some professional help.

We can install sound stage AV, including power amplification to drive speakers, mixing capability to set levels, equalizers to control frequency output, output control to send different signals at different levels to monitors or to main speakers, and the ability to convert acoustic sound to an electronic signal. Businesses that offer their own PA equipment also benefit, as bands don’t have to charge you for having to bring their own.

Your Vertical Demands It To Keep Up

Have you ever visited a bar or restaurant without background music? A retail center? The answer is likely no. If you’re going to need a commercial audio system to entice ideal customers, you might as well do it right so you can make a positive first impression and encourage return guests. Any hospitality business relies on music to set the desired tone and enhance their brand: That’s why trendy coffee houses might play chill indie music, while nightclubs blast the latest hits.

However, merely having the capacity to play music, or the right music, isn’t enough. You have to ensure an even, clear sound distribution that makes the lyrics sound articulate while ensuring that you don’t blow out the bass. We’ll configure your audio so that it’s appropriate to your venue, desired audience and room acoustics.

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Distributed audio in your Irving office can entice guests, engage employees and influence repeat visits to your company. If one of the above signs resonated with you, Crown Audio Video can help you create a multi-room audio setup that enhances your business. Just call us at (214) 377-9434 to set up your free consultation, or head to our contact page. We look forward to speaking with you!