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Different Uses for Interactive Video Displays in Texas

Discover How Video Displays Can Revolutionize a Space

Different Uses for Interactive Video Displays in Texas

There are many things to do in Dallas. If you live outside of the city in a suburb like Allen, Texas, it’s very easy to take a trip and visit some local landmarks and attractions. Have you noticed that a lot of businesses are updating their building with new audio and video? Or perhaps you own a business and are thinking about installing new technology to increase interest and gain new visitors. Whatever the case, this blog is dedicated to the various ways an interactive video display can revolutionize a space. 

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Dallas World Aquarium

Aquariums and zoos are dedicated to educating the public about the different animals that are around the world as well as how to conserve and protect the environment. In this setting, a video display could be hung near an animal exhibit to teach visitors more about the species. If it’s a touch screen, kids could even interact with the video and touch different parts of the animal’s habitat to discover what they eat, how they protect themselves from predators, or how they can help protect their habitat. At the Tampa Aquarium, for example, there is a live show to teach audiences about sharks, turtles and coral reefs. A large video screen plays trivia questions for the audience, and they answer them to get points.

American Airlines Center

The American Airlines Center in Dallas is the proud home of the Mavericks and the Stars sports teams, but it also serves as a major concert venue. Giant video displays can replay key moments from games, or focus in on singers like Rhianna so that even guests in the nose-bleed sections can see her facial expressions. Video displays can also be used in concert or sports venues to assist with ticketing. Customers could use a touch screen panel to select the tickets they want to purchase and quickly check out. They could even watch a quick clip of a previous performance to encourage them to buy other tickets.

Galleria Dallas

Take a trip to the Dallas Galleria Mall and you can visit dozens of stores. But how to you find the fashion shop you really want and not get lost? Interactive touch screens can serve as maps in a mall and help you locate exactly where you are in relation to the store you want to visit. You can even search through different categories like shoes, clothes, or baggage. Inside the shops, video displays can play fun music videos to keep customers entertained, or play advertisements that highlight sales and events. A large video display will not only catch window shoppers’ attention, but it will also entertain and educate.

Dallas Museum of Art

A museum is an ideal place for video displays. In the past, you only had wall plates to read information about the artwork or exhibit, or portable headphones that you could carry with you around the building. But now videos can actually educate large groups of people all at once in an engaging fashion. TVs or screens can also be easily updated, so if a museum has a temporary exhibit the information or show can be quickly changed.

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