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Design for Digital Menu Boards

Creating A Menu Is Easier Than You Think

Design for Digital Menu Boards

We have discussed before the benefits of menu boards for different types of restaurants.  Digital technology offers obvious advantages over paper and regular signage, as it’s much easier to update quickly and to integrate digital information with other systems in your restaurant. 

But you might be thinking that you have to learn some complicated new tools for this new digital menu board technology.  Don’t you have enough to worry about running your fast-casual concept in Frisco’s Legacy West Hall?  Do not fear, just as when the original personal computer came out in the 1980’s and revolutionized business, easy to use software solutions quickly emerged that regular people could use.  The spreadsheet comes to mind, and we’re reasonably sure you use that software to analyze your business metrics.  Similarly, specific software solutions have evolved for digital signage like menu boards that make creating a menu at a taco concept at Frisco’s Star almost as easy as using a smartphone app. 

Intrigued?  Read on to learn more.


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Cloud-Based Software

Some digital signage software runs off a thumb drive inserted into a USB port on the digital signage monitor.  While that works, there is a better and smoother way of managing the content on your menu board. 

Cloud-based software platforms like Screencloud make it easy to use a computer or tablet to create and update your menus and other information.  Pre-formatted templates make it a snap to enter food items, prices, and pictures, so you don’t have to be a design wizard, just a restauranteur.  Because the software works with the cloud – like most smartphone apps – you can access it from multiple devices, and you always have a secure backup of previous menus and information.

Software like DSMenu has specific menu board designs for pizza, fast food, and almost 200 templates to choose from to create the perfect menu board.  It integrates easily into Screencloud. Built-in scheduling can automatically change menus to shift from lunch to dinner and also promote specials.


Design Your Own

If you are creative or know someone who is, you can design your own menu board.  Standard tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote are easy to use and can create vibrant boards.  Of course, many other more sophisticated design tools can generate informative and attention-grabbing menus.  You can consider adding video or slideshows to spice up the content as well.  


Easy Screen Updates

If you decide to do your own menu boards with standard tools, here is a suggestion for using your computer or tablet to control your menu board.  Streaming media players like Apple TV and Google Chromecast have built-in screen-casting and mirroring capability, allowing you to project your custom menu creation on your screens from a tablet or laptop. This is a very cost-effective and simple way to update your boards with standard hardware and software that you are familiar with using. 

If you have more going on in your establishment – like background music and additional monitors with video for entertainment – we would highly recommend integrating your digital menu board with an audio-video distribution system like one from our partner Control4.  Such a system would offer intuitive control over all your screens and content sources and make it easy to display any content on any screen. 


Want to know more about what you can do with digital menu boards and signage? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!