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Combine Voice Control and Your Home Lighting System

4 Specific Ways to Use Your Voice to Control the Lights

Combine Voice Control and Your Home Lighting System

One of the latest smart home advancements is the ability to control your devices using your voice. Top names in the automation industry, like Control4, now offer internal voice control services and/or the capacity to sync with devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo to name a few. This probably seems like a neat trick, but what are the true benefits of controlling your Southlake, TX area home with your voice. In this article, we highlight four ways to use your voice to control the lights. Continue reading to learn more. 

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When It’s Dark

There’s a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to lighting: how can you turn on the lights without the necessary illumination to find the switches? Most lighting control systems have backlit keypads but it can still be hard to know exactly which switch you should be selecting. You could try using your smartphone; but what if it is on the other side of the room?

With voice control, you can stop fumbling around in the dark and just ask your system to turn on the exact light you need. This is not only convenient, but a nice safety feature. Trying to move about in the dark could lead to an injury.

When Arriving Home

After going to the grocery store or when you’re coming back from work, you often have your hands full. This can make it difficult to turn on the lights that you need to navigate to the kitchen or wherever you’re going. After you walk in the door, all you have to do is ask your system to turn on the lights.

You could use voice control to turn on a specific lighting scene, or a collection of settings, which lights up a commonly used path--like all hallway lights into the kitchen. You can incorporate other smart technologies in that scene, like turning on the whole home audio to greet you.

When Your Hands are Messy

If you’re in the middle of an activity like cooking, doing crafts with the kids, or working on your car, you don’t always want to touch your controls. However, there can be moments when the lights are too bright or too dim for your current activity. With voice control, you can simply ask for more illumination.

When You’re Not Feeling Well

When you’re under the weather, any movement can seem impossible. That includes reaching over to turn off the lamp. And if your control device is on the other side of the room, forget about it. Instead of yelling for the help of a family member, just ask your friendly voice recognition software to make the adjustment for you.

If your room is equipped with other smart home features, you can ask for those changes as well. You could have the blackout shades close, lower the temperature, or turn on the TV just using your voice.

Whether you currently have home lighting control or you’re thinking of upgrading, then you may want to consider incorporating voice control. To learn more or for a consultation, contact Crown Audio Video today.