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Can You Hear Me Now?

Wireless Microphones for More Productive Meetings

Can You Hear Me Now?

You’re excited by your company’s move to new offices in Frisco’s new Legacy West area. The new space includes a new 20-seat boardroom, and you want state-of-the-art collaboration technology.  You routinely hold meetings with many different people from your company in the room, often talking with partners and vendors thousands of miles away by telephone and video conference.

Conference calls can be productive, but only if everyone that participates can be heard clearly and cleanly.  Garbled voices, or people that sound far away, or ones that don’t speak loudly enough, can be problems in teleconferences.  Who always wants to be asked to repeat what they just said? 

Your new conference room should have a modern wireless microphone system.  Read on to read about options that let every participant’s voice come through – reducing meeting times and enhancing communication.


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Which Microphones Work Best?

There are many microphone options for conference room use.  Boundary microphones can be placed around a table and they will pick up voices and sounds from in front of them.  One disadvantage they have is that meeting attendees may tend to huddle around them. While it’s possible to have one at every seated position, that may not be the most cost-effective solution. 

The same dynamic of huddling around a speaker may be familiar to anyone who has ever used speakerphones in meetings.  While models from company’s like Polycom work well, attendees seated farther away from the microphone may not be heard or sound like they are underwater.

The newest tech in microphones is wireless – just what you need for your stylish new conference room. 

A Look at ClearOne’s Wireless Microphones

Our partner ClearOne, makes several professional grade microphones that don’t clutter up a conference room and deliver extraordinary performance.  Their Beamforming Mic array uses advanced steering and acoustic noise cancellation to pick out voices and filter out background sounds for astoundingly clear calls.  They can be daisy chained to fully cover large rooms and be table or ceiling mounted. Needing just a single cable for audio, power, and control, it simplifies room layouts. 

Another ClearOne wireless option is the Ceiling Mic Array. These look like microphones and hang inverted from the ceiling.  With this kind of setup, an array of microphones can be deployed around a room to ensure coverage in every corner of the room, enabling meeting attendees to talk normally and be assured they are being heard on the other side of the call or video conference. 


Equip your new conference or boardroom with the latest collaboration technology and see how productive your firm can be. Let us show you these and other commercial automation solution pay for themselves.  Give us a call at (214)-377-9434 or reach out to us here.