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Building a Home Security System That Enhances Wellness

Smart technologies to keep your family safe

Building a Home Security System That Enhances Wellness

A home security system is more important than ever for your Dallas, TX property. Whether you're watching events transpire from anywhere in the world, receiving alerts for emergencies, or communicating with your family, you'll need a robust system to handle it all. And today, you'll even need a system that can detect fever before someone enters your home. Modern smart security cameras can promote wellness by determining the difference in temperature between two or more people. Thanks to these innovative cameras, you can quickly note differences in body temperature and make the right choices for your safety and wellness. Can a system help you? Find out below.

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Thermal Detection Cameras

Whether you want to monitor overheating electronics, measure the temperature of a package, or detect a fever in your guests before entering your home, contemporary fever detection cameras can help your home stay safe.

Thermal fever detection cameras monitor heat signatures and determine safe temperature ranges based on differences in body temperature between multiple people. These cameras operate in real time and can prevent costly mistakes. Additionally, you can program thresholds that send alerts when anyone's temperature is outside the specified degree. That means you can trust no sick people will enter your home.

Systems offer highly accurate readings, with a margin of error at 0.54 degrees or lower Fahrenheit. That makes it a reliable way to minimize unwanted germs in your home. People, objects, and animals with high-temperature readings stand out. These cameras often integrate with other smart security features to create a more robust solution to protect your property.

Our partner companies offer a wide variety of smart security cameras and surveillance systems, including PTZ, recorders, video analytics, and facial recognition. We only partner with the best, so your technology can help protect your property, whether it's a home or business.

Work with a Local Professional

At Crown Audio Video, we know how stressful things may seem right now. To keep your family healthy and safe and ensure your property stays secure, we craft security solutions that fit your budget, needs, and lifestyle.

We customize technology systems that simplify security systems and other integrated solutions. We install comfort systems, home theaters, light control, and more. Our designs look great and seamlessly blend in with your home or business decor.

Simplify home security with the latest smart technology. We’ll help you achieve your goals. Click here or give us a call at (214) 377-9434 today!