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Bring Productivity and Efficiency to the Conference Room

Make Your Presentations Glitch-Free

Bring Productivity and Efficiency to the Conference Room

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as when an amazing presentation is ruined simply because someone can’t figure out how to use the projector, or how to get rid of the huge glare going across the screen.

It feels like at any second the systems could glitch or hiccup just to make the presentation more nerve-wracking. 

So how can you take away these unnecessary hassles and stresses?  Conference room technology can make every presentation and meeting a breeze in your Dallas, TX office.

An automated and integrated system lets you automate your room to anticipate your every need.  Read on to learn about the special features you can bring to your company’s workspace.


Set the Scene

When you or your employees are gearing up to present, you can help calm both parties by making it easier than ever to set up.

Press a button to lower the motorized shades, covering every inch of the room’s windows.  You won’t have to worry about the sun’s harsh glares or figure out what time of day is best.

Once the shades are down, you can adjust the lighting depending on what you’re viewing or if everyone needs to take notes. Adjust the volume to ideal settings from the same place. 

Start the Show without Delay

After the room is prepared, everyone is set for the show to begin.  Don’t let the advanced technology get the best of you!

There’s no learning curve or complicated procedure to get the ball rolling.  Simply push a button to turn on the projector.  Lower the screen as well, and start the presentation.

Clicking from slide to slide, or playing a video with audio isn’t difficult.  With your integrated system, everything runs seamlessly and smoothly.

Only One Source and Button

Every automated feature is all controlled and managed from one place, as it’s all one centralized system.

Use the same tablet, smart device, or keypad to operate all aspects of your commercial automation system.  You won’t have to scramble to control different screens or connect multiple wires prior to your meetings.

Every part of presenting becomes stress-free when you have conference room technology.  Want to learn more about these automated components?

Give us a call or fill out our quick contact form online to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  We’d love to hear from you!