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Boost Employee Engagement with Digital Signage

Use Digital Displays for Effective Communication

Boost Employee Engagement with Digital Signage

Keeping a workforce engaged, happy, and productive is perhaps the most critical challenge in business.  Many companies say that their best assets are their people, and in reality, it does come down to that.  Any company in any industry with unhappy and unmotivated personnel is going to underperform, no matter how strong its other assets are.  

Of course, it takes many things to keep employees engaged.  Providing meaningful work, realistic objectives, a suitable physical environment, pay, benefits, recognition, and a host of other factors all play into motivation.  Effective communication, as it is in so many endeavors, is also a critical factor. 

As so much of our communication today is in digital form, it is no different in the workplace.  Clearly, most workplaces have moved beyond paper communication to digital forms, but beyond the computer and mobile device, there is another form of communication that is sometimes underleveraged – digital signage

Most workplaces have signs of some sort; for safety, for regulation compliance, for directions, instructions, announcements, and countless other reasons. In many cases, some of that communication has moved to digital form both in the workplace and on computers and devices, especially for information that changes often. 

Digital signage is often thought of as a tool for customer engagement, whether it’s informational displays in a retail environment or a digital menu board in a restaurant.  But it can offer ways to provide increased employee engagement too.  Let’s explore some ideas for using digital signage displays to boost morale, engagement, and productivity in your Irving business.

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Health and Wellness Information

Promoting health and wellness is a high priority in many businesses.  Healthier employees miss fewer work days and can decrease the cost of providing health insurance benefits.  And of course, healthier employees will be more productive too.

Digital displays can play a role in communicating health initiatives. In a break room, locker room, or office common area, a digital display can announce either on-site flu shots or subsidized ones through the health plan or local provider.  If there is an onsite cafeteria, healthy menu options can be promoted with nutritional information to encourage healthy choices.  If there are onsite exercise facilities or subsidized gym memberships, gentle reminders to sign up or take advantage of these benefits can spur employees into action. 

Employee Recognition

Everyone likes to see their name up in lights – so to speak.  Digital signage can recognize employee-of-the-month or any other recognition throughout a facility.  Internal signage can also promote and recognize volunteer work by employees with local or national organizations.  Birthdays and work anniversaries can also be promoted through digital displays. 

Company Social Responsibility

If a company or organization goes above and beyond in social responsibility, effectively communicating those activities helps build a good impression of a progressive environment.  One example of this could be with green initiatives, where the organization may have goals for reducing waste and recycling.  Promoting what every employee can do to help – and better yet, incentivizing participation – is a great way to make it a common cause that everyone can take pride in.  The right messaging on digital displays, plus creative use of the power of audio and video to show progress, are all great ways to build a sense of shared purpose. 

These are just a few ideas for using digital signage to build a better workplace in Irving.  To learn more, give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!