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Boost Business in Your Store with Automation Technology

Attract More Customers to Your Commercial Space with New Audio & Video

Boost Business in Your Store with Automation Technology

It’s incredibly important to set the right scene in your Fort Worth, TX store so that customers linger in the shop and purchase more merchandise. Audio, video, lighting and other technology can improve the look and feel of your store. With commercial automation and new audio and video systems, you’ll make your business safer, look more beautiful, and operate more smoothly. Below are some ways we can help you attract those mall patrons and then keep them in your store a little longer. 

Add Lighting Control to Make Merchandise Sparkle

Lighting plays a big role in retail spaces because it can highlight certain products and enhance displays. Studies show that quality lighting affects customers’ perception on the value of the merchandise and the retail environments in which it is sold. High-quality lighting can also make customers feel more comfortable—and customers who feel comfortable tend to stay in a store and shop more. In addition to creating ambience, lighting directs passersby to special sale items. According to the National Lighting Bureau, traffic counts increased by one-third, over a 2-year period, after a lighting system was implemented. Merchant sales also increased by 38 percent and profits by 19 percent.

We can certainly add bright lighting to your store, install fixtures to highlight specific shelves or areas, as well as make it easy for your staff to control them at any time of day. With lighting control, you can dim lights, make them brighter, and then turn them all off with one button when the shop closes.

Update Your Audio & Video to Entertain Customers

Audio and video also has a great effect on shoppers. Studies show that low-tempo and classical music in particular, cause shoppers to linger and buy more merchandise. Just as the right lighting creates a positive ambience, music and visuals set a favorable scene that causes customers to feel positive emotions. Playing high-energy music videos on a TV, for example, could make your store appear relevant, hip, and also make shoppers feel excited. Distributing smooth jazz in your wine shop could make your guests feel relaxed too. Whichever design and mood you have in mind, we can help by installing speakers and TVs in the space. If you prefer the technology remain hidden, we can install speakers in the walls. In addition, video displays can be arranged artistically to make a bold statement and highlight any product you like.

Use a Surveillance System to Keep an Eye on Your Retail Space

Protecting your merchandise should be as important as trying to sell it. We’ll help make security a priority by installing cameras and an easy-to-use system to monitor customers. You could place cameras behind the counter so sales associates can keep an eye on guests throughout the store, and also allow the system to record activity for later review. After normal business hours, remote access via a smartphone or tablet allows you to stay connected to your business at all times.

Would you like to learn more about how we can boost your sales and protect your merchandise with automation and technology? Give us a call at 214-377-9434 or Fill out our online form to get started.