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Avoid Common Conference Room Problems

Use Technology for Efficient Collaboration

Avoid Common Conference Room Problems

Have you ever been in that meeting where the presenter spent the first ten minutes figuring out how to get the PowerPoint presentation on the conference room screen? How about the room with lighting that was either too bright or too dark for a presentation?  Or the conference call where you had to ask the other party to continually repeat what they just said?

There are the types of issues that occur daily in meeting and conference rooms all over Richardson and Dallas. But it does not need to be that way.  With some careful consideration given to the everyday things that you typically do in your meeting spaces, you can design the conference room with the right technology to ensure that all your meetings both begin and end productively.

Read on for some tips on how to make your meeting rooms state-of-the-art collaboration spaces.


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Make It Intuitive to Use

When new technology is added to a conference room, often complicated instructions or processes make it an impediment to using it effectively. The best technology is one that is easy to learn quickly and use.

One option is to use an automation solution like Crestron Digital Media. Everything in the room is controlled through a dedicated touchpad or an app on a smartphone or tablet. Easy to understand graphical controls make it intuitively easy to control projectors, lights, and more. New features and capabilities are added to the same system, so your teams won’t have to learn new interfaces.   


Go Wireless

Are you tired of showing up to a meeting and finding that the cable there connects to a PC but not a Mac? How about finding out that there is no cable to present your content from an iPad? Ditch the wires and go wireless.

Simplify and streamline presentations using Crestron's Air Media solutions. Once you enter the room, it will recognize your wireless device — smartphone, tablet, or laptop — so it's easy for you to share content to the primary displays.


Make Everyone Heard

Since effective collaboration is all about communication, lousy sound is unsurprisingly one of the biggest complaints from employees. Interference, feedback, volume fluctuations and poor microphone coverage all cause problems during meetings.

Never settle for just a conference phone for your audio needs. Switch to wireless microphones and speakers from companies like ClearOne that are specifically designed for conference room applications. Work with a professional to get the acoustics just right in the room.


Ease Room Scheduling and Monitoring

Have you ever walked into a meeting room and a group is already there?  A lot of times, people don’t remember which rooms are booked; rooms are inadvertently double-booked, or they book one that doesn’t have the technology they need. Sometimes, the reserved room has the right technology, but it isn’t working.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for that. Crestron's scheduling touchscreens connect with the major calendaring programs like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar so employees can reserve rooms and see what facilities are busy and free. Crestron conference room solutions can also interface with other smart automation, so at the scheduled time the doors are unlocked, the lights turn on, and the display powers up, ready to go – and it can all turn off automatically when it is not in use. 

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of your meeting, you can also take advantage of Crestron’s remote management and maintenance tools. The system can monitor equipment in the room to ensure it is operational and tracks room usage so you can better evaluate how your spaces are being used.

It’s time to upgrade your conference room design for today’s fast-paced business climate. Contact us or just click below to be quickly connected to one of our experts.