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Automate Your Southlake Office’s Shades

3 Ways Motorized Shades Create a More Efficient Office Environment

Automate Your Southlake Office’s Shades

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Southlake, TX office, consider motorized shades. By automating your business’s window dressings, you can save money and energy while simplifying your daily experience. With motorized shades, one button can close or open all shades in the building, and, by connecting your controls to a smartphone or tablet, this can be done from anywhere. This convenience not only makes your life easier, but it allows you to manage the light and heat of your office to save money. To learn how, read on.  

Let There Be Light

One way that motorized shades can impact your bottom line is by controlling natural light. Windows provide an excellent and free source of illumination throughout the day, but automated shades take the kinks out of utilizing it.

For instance, motorized window coverings in the windows of your office’s lobby or break room can be programmed on an astrological clock or light sensors. This means that they will adjust based on the changing sun and light patterns. The shades will automatically adapt to avoid glares throughout the day. You can naturally light the space, saving electricity, while maintaining a comfortable environment.

The best way to save is by connecting your shading to your lighting. Integrating lighting control and motorized shades means that you’ll always have the best light for productivity without using excess energy. When your shades descend to avoid glares, your office lighting can brighten and offset any excess lights. Then, when the shades ascend, the lights can revert to their dim setting and save you money.

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Heating and Cooling

Your shades can also help regulate the temperature of your office building, and therefore save you money on HVAC costs throughout the year. Sunlight streaming in through the office windows also brings in heat. During those hot Texas summers, your shades can block out a lot of that heat and save your AC from doing excess work and therefore save you money. During the cooler winter months, open up the shades and utilize the sun’s energy to save on heating costs. You can even create two schedules for your shades, one for winter and one for summer. You can save money in all four quarters with minimal effort.


Motorized shades also create an elegant appearance for impressing guests and clients. For one thing, they look great, with clean, simple lines unencumbered by rods or strings. For another, they are designed to fit your space and the look of your office. Finally, they help you sell. By placing your shades in a conference or boardroom, they can be programmed to automatically descend when a presentation is about to begin. This will ensure that your presenter doesn’t have to fumble with closing shades and can focus on what they need to say. Plus, you will beget an ideal environment for viewing the screen by blocking out the sunlight. With automated shades, the room will help create an strong impression.

If you’re ready to save money and develop an ideal working environment, consider motorized shades. We at Crown Audio Video will help you throughout the process and make sure you understand how to operate them. Contact us today and let’s get started.