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As Summer Approaches, Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Why Your Restaurant, Office or Store Needs Motorized Shades

As Summer Approaches, Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Whatever business you are in, you understand the valuing of employing cost-cutting measures. But have you considered motorized shades as a solution? Not only does automation make it easy to control your window coverings with a tablet or touchscreen, it can help you significantly reduce the amount of energy you’re using and therefore reduce your monthly overhead costs. To learn how motorized shades would affect your specific Prosper, TX business, we’ve laid out some common uses for specific establishments from restaurants to offices. To learn more, continue reading. 


The comfort and happiness of your guests are the first priorities in running a bar or restaurant. Motorized shades can maintain a comfortably lit dining space so that your guests don’t have to be distracted from their food.

As the sun starts to set and create odd angles, that can mean glare coming in through the windows. You or your employees might not be available at the exact moment the light becomes uncomfortable, and that’s where automation comes in. Placing your shades on a light sensor means they can descend as the sun sets to prevent the glare. Pair your shades with a commercial lighting control system, that way the lights can dim up slightly to offset the decreased natural light. That way you only use the electricity that you need.

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Office Building

Coordinating all the shades in your entire office is virtually impossible without motorized shades. By placing all your shades on one system, adjust them all without moving all over the building. Plus, you can utilize smart devices like phone or tablet to make changes from anywhere in the world.

You can also preset times that all the shades will descend and ascend. During the middle of the day, when the sun is its hottest, have all the shades lower to keep the heat out. By reducing the amount solar heat gain, you won’t have to blast the AC. As much of our electricity use comes from HVAC systems, this can reduce your energy bills. Integrate your shades with a climate control system to give you greater insight into and greater control over your cooling system. The Texas sun can have a huge impact on your summer bills, now is the time to take the power back.


Maintaining an elegant space and protecting your merchandise is paramount to retail success. Motorized shades provide you the resources necessary to create that right space. For one thing, you can synchronize your shades with the lighting control and audio/video systems to create the exact mood you would like.

For another, you can use your shades to protect any fabric or clothing from sun damage during the most intense hours of sunlight. Creating a schedule or adding a solar sensor will make certain that your shades go down at the right time, even if the employees are all occupied. You’ll prevent any unnecessary damage and make your store look great with motorized shades.

This summer, you could be saving with motorized shades. Take the time to contact Crown Audio Video today, and we can help you get started.