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Answers to Your Biggest Smart Home Questions

The Fundamentals of Smart Home Technology

Answers to Your Biggest Smart Home Questions

When you think of the term “smart home automation,” what exactly do you envision?  You might think it sounds super futuristic and out of reach – but the days of smart homes are here!

Bringing smart home automation to your Fort Worth, TX living space is a great investment to make.  You’ll add comfort, luxury, and efficiency to your home, while also setting up a perfect place to entertain.

But where do you start on this automated journey?

We have the top questions you might have if you’re new to smart home technology and automation.  Read on to see how smart tech features can transform your daily life!


Question #1: What Exactly Is Smart Home Automation?

When we use the word “smart” to describe a device, it means it is connected to the “Internet of Things.”  This means that this device can communicate with other devices in your automation system.  Connecting online, they all react and respond to one another.

They make sure that whatever you’ve programmed them to do, happens without any delay.  Your system builds upon itself – so you can always add more features and technologies to it!  Audio video, motorized shades, and security cameras are all examples of smart home automation technologies.

The term “automation” means that every part of your system works without you needing to tell it to over and over again.  These features work automatically.

Question #2: Is This Technology a Big Investment?

No matter how much or how little you upgrade your home, it’s always going to cost you money.

But a smart home automation system gives you so much in return.  You’ll have added luxury, comfort, and money and energy-saving aspects to your home.

And you don’t have to start off with a fully completed system either.  Start by installing surveillance cameras or distributed audio video – then you can add motorized shades or a home theater in the future.

Begin big or small, and know that you can always add on more later with zero stress or hassles.

Question #3: How Do I Control the System?

Just because your system has a lot of components, that doesn’t mean operating it will be complicated.

You can use various devices to manage it, whether it’s your smartphone, a tablet, a remote, or a wall panel.  Simply press a button, and you’ve got your entire system at your fingertips.

Install motion sensors and timers and set scenes so that you don’t have to use your smart device every time.  Your whole system works automatically after you’ve set up how you want all the features to work together.  You can then easily make adjustments whenever you’d like!

Want to know even more about smart home automation and how it can benefit you?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!