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Add Style and Efficiency to your Dallas Home with Motorized Shades

Discover the Benefits of Motorized Shades

Add Style and Efficiency to your Dallas Home with Motorized Shades

Homeowners across the country are starting to realize the incredible benefits of motorized shades. It’s no wonder why: they are the ultimate way to control natural light coming into your home and provide unique benefits from privacy to energy savings. When integrated with a total home automation system, they work with lighting controls, heating systems, and other subsets to create a home experience tailor made for you. This article will go over some of the key advantages of adding automated shades to your Dallas, TX home. Read on to see why these modern window treatments are just what you need. 

Energy Savings

Natural light is usually a wonderful advantage for the home experience; a home with more windows has a warm quality and is in harmony with its surroundings. However, the homeowner should have some control over how much light enters the space and when. Motorized shades are the easiest way to ensure your windows are covered when they should be. Since they are automated, you don’t even have to be home to change the settings; simply schedule times when you want the shades to go up or down.

When you can control incoming light and heat, you have a real opportunity to save energy. For instance, if the windows are uncovered all day during those hot summer months, your air conditioning works much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Simply schedule your window coverings to go down when you leave the house for work so you can rest knowing heat will be blocked for the majority of the day.

As a part of a total home automation system, your shades work in concert with your lighting to further your energy savings. For instance, you can program the lights to dim when the shades go up. This will not only mean your home is always optimally lit, but also that you will utilize natural light and decrease your energy consumption.

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Signature Style

Not only do motorized shades enhance your home’s efficiency, but they also make it look good. First, let’s think about traditional blinds and shades: they usually have messy cords and rods. When you equip your home with automated window coverings, there is no unnecessary clutter-- just clean, modern window dressings. Another plus, you don’t have to struggle with these manual operations for each window. You can synchronize all the shades in a room to go up or down at the same time at the touch of a button.

In addition, you can customize your motorized shades to match perfectly with your home. Select an appropriate pattern or color, as well as customize the shape and size, to fit any window in any room. You can even combine several types of shades on one window. For instance, the windows in your bedroom could have both a sheer and blackout covering. Therefore, you have the option to let in some light during the day or eliminate all external illumination for those days you want to sleep in. Motorized shades will mean a more comfortable home that looks better than ever.

As you’re considering adding motorized shades to your home, perhaps you would like some expert advice. Contact us, and we can come up with a plan together.