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Add Drama to Your Home’s Exterior with LED Lighting

Show Off Your Pool and Landscape with Innovative LED Lights

Add Drama to Your Home’s Exterior with LED Lighting

In photography, controlling light is paramount. After all, with both film and digital photography, it’s all about how light is captured. In the same way that professional photographers deftly manage light in order to make a shot look its absolute best, the right lighting can also add a touch of drama to your home.

With our relatively warm climate in Texas even in the colder months, our outdoor spaces can be used almost year-round. The pool may be cold, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our outdoor fireplace or pit, enjoying a nightcap with friends in the cool night air. Since you spend lots of time, effort, and expenses on maintaining your landscape, why not use lighting to add an effect at night?

Read on for some ideas on how to use innovative and efficient LED lighting to show off your Preston Hollow outdoor spaces in the best light.


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Outdoor Accents

LED lights are extremely flexible and offer many ways to add flair to the outside of your house. Use them to illuminate pathways to your front entrance, in the patio, and through garden areas. Up-lights can add dramatic effects to the outside of the house, and at the street level for stanchions or gates. If you have live oaks, light up the trees to set a beautiful nighttime stage.

With a lighting control system, you can easily adjust individual lights, groups of lights, or automate the entire setup. Easily have the outdoor lights fade up as the sun sets or shut off as the sun rises. Not only will outdoor lighting add beauty, but it will also add a measure of safety to your home.

If you have a larger property and don’t always need pathways lit, using sensors is a great alternative. Strategically plased sensors can be embedded in gardens, along paths, and around outside entrances, turning lights on and off only when needed. This approach is energy-friendly and enhances safety, and no one has to venture into a dark area of your property.

Get Colorful

We’ve written in this space before about the advantages of LED lighting, but something you may not know is that LED lights can also be managed for color temperature – from warm to cool - and to change colors.

Color-changing LED lights have been around for several years as a go to for pool lightings. They will make summer pool parties dazzle and make your water features so much more dramatic all year round. With LED’s efficiency, you don’t have to feel guilty about using them for long period of time either. 

But colored LED lighting is now available and cost-effective for more than pools. Imagine your whole outdoor patio and landscape bathed in multiple colors that change throughout the evening – what a great way to relax and entertain outside! And with lighting control, you can manage it all from the palm of your hand.

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