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A Beginner’s Guide To Video Walls

Find Out How A Video Wall Can Boost Your Dallas, TX Business

A Beginner’s Guide To Video Walls

Whether you have a sports bar that wants to add spectacle to games or an store looking for a dramatic way of promoting your business, video walls are a great way to enlarge and enhance your A/V capabilities. But where do you start when choosing a video wall for your space? In this blog, we break down some essential questions that will help you maximize the impact of your video wall. Keep reading to find out how this technology can enrich your Dallas, TX business.

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What does your video wall need to accomplish?

As with most major business projects, you need to understand what you need from your video wall installation at the very start. Will it be used for entertainment? Advertising? Education? Video walls are used in all kinds of different ways depending on the company and the setting, and you need to determine the main priority for your company. For example, a video wall with touchscreen interaction requires different technology than one strictly used for passive viewing. Make sure you have a clear idea of how customers and employees will engage.

What kind of content will you be showing?

The type of content you show will influence the kind of audience you bring in, but it also affects what kind of technology you want for your video wall. If you’re going to play multiple sporting events on the same wall, you’ll need smaller individual screens and a media distribution system that will allow you to choose which games you want to play on which screens. Are you trying to attract a younger clientele attracted to quick movement and vibrant colors? You want a video wall optimized for motion and brightness. That doesn’t have to be a priority if you plan on showing still promotional images. Knowing the content helps you find the right solution.

Why should you choose commercial-grade displays?

Video walls are becoming more popular in high-end homes, but you still want to use commercial-grade technology for your video wall. Commercial-grade displays are pricier, but that’s because they are built to run for long periods in high-stress environments. These displays have better temperature and color control, offer a wider variety of mounting solutions, are built to communicate with commercial control systems, and generally provide more comprehensive warranties. And if you need touchscreen capabilities, you’ll need to opt for a commercial-grade display because of the added hardened class component.

What is the value of a professional installation?

A video wall is a complicated piece of technology that requires a lot of precision and technical expertise to install correctly, which is why you want professionals like Crown Audio Video handling your installation. We'll help you find the right video wall solution for your space and make sure that weight-bearing walls can hold the technology. Our staff handles the wiring and programming, connecting your video wall to your control system and walking you through how to use it. We'll also be available for any potential issues that arise in the future, offering support that helps you get the most from your video wall for years to come.

Want to learn more about what a video wall can do for your Dallas, TX business? Reach out to us by calling (214) 377-9434 or filling out our short online form.