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5 Tips For How to Use Video Conferencing

Become A Video Conferencing Expert in Frisco, Texas

5 Tips For How to Use Video Conferencing

Many companies and individuals are using video conferencing today to communicate from different locations, like Frisco, Texas, and even around the world. Having a meeting on the Internet using technology is great for business and production; even online students are using it in digital classrooms.

By talking online, you not only save precious resources that would have been spent on travel, but you also save time. In addition, you can put notes and other online resources right in front of you during the conference so it’s easy to refer to content or those little details you need. 

Of course to have a successful meeting online, you need the right tools. Crown Audio Video can provide the software and hardware for effective video conferencing.

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Once you have the right technology in place, meetings can be a breeze. Here are some tips for you to make that next conference amazing.

1.      Consider Everyone’s Unique Location

Everyone on your team will have a different workstation, may be using different devices, and will be coming in at different times. It’s important to keep all of that in consideration. Make your meeting mobile friendly by ensuring presentations can be seen on a smartphone or tablet. Also, some individuals may be Skyping in from remote locations and will have connection limitations. By making sure every station is working correctly, you won’t waste any time.

2.      Test Your Workstation

It’s imperative to be prepared for your video conference. Test the audio, video, and the internet connection before you start. By giving yourself time in advance, you can solve any problems you run into and won’t hold up production.

3.      Practice Makes Perfect

Testing your workstation is a great idea, but having a practice session with a coworker or friend is even better. You can run through your presentation or speech to make sure everything works correctly, and then get feedback or help if you need to make adjustments.

4.      Have an Agenda

Going into a meeting without an agenda is like showing up to your first day of school without a schedule. You’ll be lost and frustrated. The tools are just as important as the schedule and the purpose. Make a list of items that you want to address, and appoint a moderator to lead the meeting. That way if anyone gets off track, you can look at the agenda and get back on schedule.

5.      Start and Finish Strong

Even when you are having a meeting remotely, it’s important to make a good impression. Dress nicely, be groomed, and contribute to the conversation. Make thoughtful comments and don’t interrupt those who are speaking. By giving each other time in between comments, you avoid talking over each other-even if it’s because of the Internet lagging. By starting your meeting strong with the right technology by Crown, and finishing strong with a great presentation you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Do you need the right tools to make your next meeting a successful one? Give us a call at (214) 377-9434 or fill out our online form