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5 Smart Back to School Basics

How to Use Your Prosper, TX Smart Home to Keep Your Family on Track

5 Smart Back to School Basics

The end of August can be the most hectic time of year. Not only are families taking kids back to school, but many companies begin to gear up for the busy holiday season. Most people go from vacation and relaxation mode to panic. However, you can avoid all of that stress by using smart home automation in your Prosper, TX home. Here are five ways you can use your smart home to get your family back on schedule.

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Wake Up Before You Go Go!

Start the day off right by waking up right. Who wants to awake from a nice dream to a blaring alarm clock? Instead, use your whole house music system to gently nudge you from your slumber. Create a wake-up playlist for not only you, but the whole family and schedule it to start playing when you all need to get out of bed. This may mean you play Disney songs in your daughter’s room, Beastie Boys in your teenage boy’s room and a morning news talk show in yours. You can also coordinate your shades with the music so the sun helps open your eyes too. Want to make sure your kids are getting ready like they are supposed to? Use Control4’s HD intercom system to notify them they have 10 minutes to come eat breakfast with the family.

Keep Your House in Check with Wireless Controls

Have you ever wondered if you turned off the coffee pot or iron on your way to work? Avoid wondering by using your smart home system to turn off certain devices and secure the property. You can lock all the doors, close the garage and arm the security system all using your smartphone whether you’re in the car, at work, or on a business trip.

Use Parental Settings to Keep the Kids Focused

Most kids don’t want to work on homework when they get home from school. Prevent them from watching TV or playing video games by putting a parental lock on the home theater system. The Control4 universal remote allows you to create personal profiles that can be locked with a unique password. All of your sources can go on lock down too, like the XBOX, Netflix and more. As soon as the homework is done, you can open the system with that handy remote or a dedicated tablet.

Stick to Your Goals and Don’t Miss a Thing

Maybe you have a goal of losing 10 pounds, or you want to volunteer more in the community. You can leave your home and avoid worrying about your kids or your pets using interactive security. Our surveillance systems allow you to receive important alerts via text message or email so that you know if a window broke, a pipe burst or if there is a fire. You’ll be able to stay in the know and in control when an emergency happens whether you are at the gym or anywhere else.

Get Some Much-needed Rest

When the fall comes around, it can be hard to get back onto a routine. When the weather changes, sometimes your sleep can be affected too. Get the rest you need by creating the right environment for restful sleep at night. Dim the lights, play some soothing music, read a book, and secure the house all using a tablet or handy remote at your bedside. You won’t be wondering if the front door is locked or if the kids are ok because you’re in control with your smart home system.

Do you need to get back on a routine? Try living in a smart home. Contact us if you need us to add anything to your property or you are just getting started with home technology.