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5 Benefits of Installing an Interactive Video Display in Your Texas Space

Transform the way visitors interact with your content with custom audiovisual displays

5 Benefits of Installing an Interactive Video Display in Your Texas Space

There have been many advancements in the world of automation, and new technology is released every day. Interactive video displays, for example, can be so much more than simply hanging a fancy TV or monitor on a wall. Crown Audio Video can install creative and engaging video displays in a variety of ways – and for numerous purposes – to attract visitors to your organization. Here are some of the top benefits of having an interactive video display in your Frisco area church or business.

1.Keep visitors in your building with interactive kiosks
In the past, the only way to deliver content was to print materials and distribute them. While people still make brochures and catalogs, you can update your communication by installing interactive kiosks. Visitors will be able to browse a digital catalog, search for information, and watch videos by swiping their fingers across the display. You won’t be faced with the issue of people throwing your pamphlet away because your kiosk will be a part of an information or activity center that is always available. Whether you have a retail store, museum, or church, an interactive kiosk will be a great way to keep visitors lingering in your building.
2.Capture the eyes of passersby with digital signs
There’s no questioning it – to grab people’s attention you need your message to be big, bold, creative and interesting. Static images and text are things of the past. Digital signs are definitely the wave of the future since you can broadcast your content on a bright video screen, show moving pictures or eye-catching video, and then change it at any time. The best way to get eyes on your brand is to make it pop with entertaining audiovisuals. 
3.Impress your audience by automating your AV display
You may be aware that you can automate lights, security, and shades, but did you know that you can automate a TV and speaker too? If your organization is at a conference, for example, you could set up a booth with AV that turns on as people walk into the area. Once an individual crosses a certain line, the screen would turn on, the sound would begin and the person could interact with the technology. The message also won’t interfere with any of the other presentations around them. Not only will you impress people with this amazing technology, but you’ll also save energy throughout the day.
4.Enhance presentations or services with live video 
If you often have speakers or entertainers in your building, a live video stream will allow your audience to see and hear them clearly. Crown can install multiple TVs throughout your building to stream the live video feed so that no one misses out on the action. We also have giant screens that we can place near the stage to enhance the overall look of the space and allow for more opportunities to broadcast important information. 
5.Display beautiful artwork through state-of-the-art technology
Crown Audio Video is more than just the “AV guy”, we are a company that prides itself on custom design. We offer services that no other integrator does in the Frisco, Texas area. Using our CNC machine, our team can create artwork to enhance your video display and make your space look beautiful and professional. For example, we could carve your logo into a large piece of wood, paint it and pair it with a large TV to bring even more attention to your brand. If you can dream it, we can create it.
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