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5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Smart Technology For Your Restaurant

5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

The restaurant menu seems like one of the last bastions of defense for paper in our increasingly digital world.  And in a fine dining establishment, an elegantly presented paper-based menu is still the standard. Perhaps someday it will be a tablet, but not quite yet.

However, digital menu boards – which is just an application of digital signage for menu information – has many advantages beyond saving trees.  When you go digital, you get the opportunity to tie into other digitally based systems – like your point of sale (POS) solution – to do things that are not easy to do with good old analog paper and regular signage. 

Let’s explore some compelling benefits of going digital with your menu boards in your Dallas eateries.


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When going digital with your menu information, you have the opportunity to change things quickly. For example, it’s simple to enter the day’s special items.  It’s also easy to remove a special if you ran out of that item.

Perhaps you want to emphasize a particular set of menu items at different times of the day. Again, that’s easy with a digital menu.  Need to change prices for a promotion?  No need to reprint the menu or tell the customer orally, it can all be shown on the monitor.

Does your POS system tell you donuts are popular from 2-4PM?  Run a special on iced coffee with a donut during those hours.  It’s much easier with the flexibility of a digital menu board. 

Dynamic Menus

Some restaurants, particularly chains, often feature color menus with pictures of selected items.  With a digital menu board, you can feature specific items with images or even short videos. Enticing customers with pictures of delicious desserts while they wait to order could boost sales. While it’s best to keep things relatively simple and not overload the senses, the right amount of image and video content can make things stand out.

Helpful Information

Some restaurants offer calorie and ingredient information on their websites.  With a digital menu board, if your customer set is particularly health conscious, adding calories, ingredient, and allergy-related information can be helpful and appreciated.  If people are allergic to gluten or nuts, noting that when it’s not obvious can be important to customers.  It can also speed up ordering at a counter, minimizing customer questions. You can also note substitutions, if available, for dietary or health restrictions.

Drive-through Locations

Digital menu boards are particularly useful in drive-throughs, for all the same reasons we cite above.  In particular, maximizing the speed of ordering and filling an order is even more critical in a drive-through.  Having the right information, with up to date pricing and availability, makes a drive-through more efficient. 

Here’s one more idea that’s easy to employ with a digital menu board in a drive-through.  Feature items by wait times, and perhaps make a busy lunch rush more efficient for you and your customers.

Not Just For Fast or Fast-Casual Concepts

While digital menu boards are an obvious fit for fast and fast-casual restaurants, there are ways they can be employed for more upscale concepts too. So many restaurants feature a TV or multiple TVs in the bar area.  Perhaps your establishment differentiates itself on the craft cocktails your bar offers.  Why not dedicate one of those monitors to a rotating drink menu?  You could feature specials like happy hour drinks, pictures, and information about special drinks, or drink and appetizer pairings. 


Want to know more about what you can do with digital menu boards and signage? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!