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5 Audio Video Features Every Conference Room Needs

The Keys to Better Meetings

5 Audio Video Features Every Conference Room Needs

Technology is changing the way we do business. If your conference room isn’t fully equipped to perform in a modern world, then it may be time for an upgrade. You can utilize technology to improve your meetings and, therefore, improve your business’s efficiency. But how do you know what equipment is worth the investment? We are hoping to point out a few of the necessary conference room audio video components that your Frisco, TX business needs to succeed. Read on to learn about five essential conference room features.

1. 4K Television

In every conference room, you’ll need a large shared screen that everyone can see. If you’re holding a video conference or making a presentation, the screen you’re using can make a huge impact. For the clearest picture, use the most modern approach. A 4K television offers ultra-high definition picture for perfect streaming resolution. When you’re upgrading, it’s best to select the most advanced solution.

2. Projector

Some presentations are meant for more people. If your presentation is being made to 20 or more people, you may need a bigger screen than a television can provide. For those occasions, you’ll want a projector that can display a picture as large as the wall.

When looking for a projector, remember that most of our business meetings are happening during the day. You’ll want to make sure you’re looking for one with sufficient brightness to operate in a fully-lit room. You can also look for screens designed to work in a lit room or utilize blackout motorized shades to block out all natural light.

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3. Networking

In order to ensure that you can stream conference calls in 4K picture and that your presentations run as smoothly as possible, a strong commercial network is required. Bringing in a professional networking team--like Crown-- will ensure that you have a fast connection as well as a network that is protected and secure. We can make sure that your next meeting doesn’t experience any unexpected hiccups due to insufficient Wi-Fi.

4. Audio

Take the time to invest in a sophisticated sound system as well. With quality speakers, you can ensure that all speakers in a conference call aren’t muffled or garbled by weak audio. If you want ideal sound, work with a professional to select and place the perfect speakers. Every space has unique acoustic requirements that can be best worked out by a trained ear.

Plus, you can find speakers that fit perfectly with your conference room’s aesthetic. We can even offer hidden speakers that are installed directly into the wall or ceiling so that the equipment takes up less space and doesn’t distract from the style.

5. Integrated Control

Our favorite conference room solution is one that brings all of your audio video components together. Integrated control means that your projector, television, audio, and more are all under one system of control. This makes it simple to start a presentation or switch between components. At the touch of a button, you can prepare the entire space for a meeting: the shades descend, the lights dim, the television or projector starts. Integrated control simplifies the whole process.

If you’re ready to upgrade your Prosper business’s audio video, contact Crown Audio Video today.