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4 Ways to Use Smart Lighting Control in Your Business

Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Sales and Boost Employee Efficiency

4 Ways to Use Smart Lighting Control in Your Business

It’s easy for businesses to underestimate their lighting. As long as there’s enough light to get things done, many managers think they’re good to go. But every type of company and every individual task therein can benefit from a unique lighting strategy. Not only can a focused approach help you conserve energy, but it can also enhance efficiency and profits as well. Which is why a lighting control system can be such a powerful tool in your Prosper, TX business. Below we showcase some ways a smart lighting solution can be beneficial. 

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Cut Down on Energy Bills 

With lighting taking up almost 40 percent of your monthly energy costs, it makes sense that energy savings be a primary goal of your lighting control. There are a variety of ways that a smart solution lets you accomplish this. For one, you can introduce dimmers into your property. This way you’re not using lights at full intensity when not needed; each dimmer can cut costs by 4-9 percent. You can also use occupancy sensors in areas where lights are commonly left on including boardrooms and bathrooms. 

Spotlight Certain Products

In a retail environment, the right lighting design can guide customers to your featured products. Through a combination of overhead and accent lighting, you can direct traffic throughout your store. Instead of having to rearrange your space every time you want to promote a new product, you can just make adjustments through your lighting control system to get visitors to go to that area of your store. This lighting design strategy works great alongside a digital signage solution that lets you alternate promotions quickly.  

Create the Right Ambiance

In a restaurant, your lighting will help to set the right tone throughout the day. For example, during the lunch rush, you want to have a bright environment. Lift your shades and take in the natural light or simply brighten the fixtures throughout your space. Come dinner time, create a more romantic ambiance by dimming the lights over the tables. 

In a bar or club, use your lighting design to guide people to your main serving stations. You want to stick with warm lighting to create a cozy, comfortable environment. If you have a dance floor, you should play around with colors and brightness to energize your guests. With a lighting control system, it's easy for your event DJ to make the necessary adjustments throughout the night.

Simplify Your Conference Room 

Your conference rooms serve multiple functions from team brainstorming to important video conferences with prospective clients. Each of these tasks requires a different type of lighting. For a video presentation, you'll want to close the shades and dim lights to get better image quality. As soon as you’re done, you’ll need the lights back on to discuss the presentation. With your lighting control, you can save the settings for each of these tasks so you can prepare the room with the press of a button.   

Don’t let the lighting in your business become an afterthought. Upgrade to a smart lighting solution that caters specifically to your unique needs. To learn more, call us at (214) 377-9434 or fill out our online contact form.