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4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Automation

How Technology Can Improve Your Southlake Home

4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Automation

The idea of smart home automation has been around in science fiction and concept for years. But now that the technology is reality, it’s time to consider the practicality. What does it mean to live in a smart home and is it worth the investment?  This blog intends to cover all the ways automation can actually improve your Texas home and daily experience, specifically four ways. Continue reading to learn more. 

1 Save Energy

Every month, we all pay our energy bills, and usually we don’t like the numbers. When you include smart home features into your home, you can see those monthly bills decline.  That means more money each month to save or use for a fun vacation.

The energy savings come from the increased efficiency that home automation offers. Because your lighting, your heating and cooling, your shades, and your entertainment system are communicating with one another, they can adjust to minimize your energy use. You can also create settings to meet this goal. For instance, schedule your motorized shades to keep heat out of your home throughout the day. Plus, your system will likely come with an energy management component. There, you will be able to track where you are using the most and make the proper changes to make your home greener and save on each month’s bill.

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2 Resale Value

A study done by Coldwell Banker found that 64 percent of homebuyers are interested in smart homes. If you are looking for a way to make your home more palatable for the marketplace, then automation may be the answer. The same study found that these buyers are also willing to spend more for technology. If you take the time to install a home automation system today, then you will be likely to sell your home for more and to sell your home faster.

3  Security

Smart homes are safe homes. Many homeowners start the process to home automation with smart home security. These tools allow you to keep tabs on your property from anywhere. If you install surveillance cameras, you can watch the footage on your smartphone at any time. Your cameras will also send you and/or the proper authorities alerts if they are triggered. You can also use smart locks to make certain that your doors are locked when they should be and keep track of when the kids are getting home.

You can also utilize the other devices and technologies incorporated in your smart home to keep your property safe. For instance, with lighting control, you can create a random setting that will turn lights on and off like a person would. Then, when you are away from home, your home will look occupied and will not be as big of a target for burglars.

4 Convenience

Maybe the best part of automation is how convenient it is. You can adjust most electronics in your home with touchpanels or your smart home. What’s even better is building settings that optimize your daily routines, from shades that open with your alarm to party settings that make entertaining simple. You’ll notice right away how automation can streamline your daily life. When working with an integrator, you can ensure that the system is configured properly to meet your needs and your home’s layout.

If you’re considering automating your home’s technologies, then contact Crown Audio Video today.