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4 Common Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid

How Can Crown Audio Video Give You the Entertainment Space You Deserve?

4 Common Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid

Take a moment and picture this scene: You’ve just returned from a long, stressful day at work. You need to go somewhere and unwind. You walk down a hallway and retreat to a dark room in the far recesses of your Fort Worth, TX, house, where no one can disturb you for the next two hours.

Now, you open the door to your customized home theater room and turn on the light. Which features do you see? Are you looking at a large, traditional room with red velvet chairs and carpeting, Old Hollywood posters and aisle lighting? Or do you envision a cozy, quiet space that looks more like a hobby room, full of your favorite sports memorabilia and family photos?

Seating, lights, TVs, projectors, Dolby Atmos, popcorn machines, wine bars - so many possibilities emerge when we start a home theater consultation. Crown Audio Video can sort through the options, determine priorities and give you the entertainment and escape you deserve. Keep reading to find four common mistakes to avoid and what we recommend instead.


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The Wrong Seating and Placement

Without knowing how you’ll use your home theater or how close of a viewing distance you need, you’re likely to miss the mark on your seating style or placement. First, consider what kind of environment you want: Some clients prefer individual theater chairs to replicate that cineplex feel, while others want to share open-concept seating with family.

Second, how close do you want to sit to your display? The appropriate viewing distance largely depends on your individualized preferences, as well as your room size, screen size and screen resolution.

Washed-Out Images
It’s nearly impossible to appreciate rich imagery and cinematography when your image is too washed out to see contrast and color. For this reason, many home professionals choose dark, windowless rooms to convert to home theater spaces to avoid ambient light at all costs. However, blackout motorized shades like Lutron’s, which lie as flush to the window as possible to avoid intrusive light.

Cluttered Speakers
A 7.1.2  Dolby Atmos surround sound layout requires nine speakers: two in front, a center speaker, two surround speakers in the back and two in-ceiling speakers. How can you manage to place all of this equipment without creating a mess of visible wiring? Unfortunately, DIY clients or those working with less experienced integrators might settle for fewer speakers, giving them less immersive sound. Others might hide some of their surround speakers behind furniture to make it fit, muffling the audio quality.

Don’t settle for these shortcuts: We install comprehensive surround-sound systems, featuring creative ways to deliver impeccable sound - including in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and acoustically transparent projector screens.


Design That Doesn’t Fit Your Personality

Lastly, remember that this home theater is your family’s entertainment oasis, so it should match your vision. Sports fans might want to view four games simultaneously through a video-tiled display. Families with multiple gamers might need their screens dispersed so that each person can concentrate. And some clients wish for a classic, dark room that we create expressly for reliving their favorite films, popcorn and Coke in hand. At Crown, we’re prepared to handle any home theater design idea you suggest, brainstorm with you, and actualize your dream rooms.


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