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4 Commercial Spaces That Need Digital Signage Design Does Your Vertical Make the List?

Does Your Vertical Make the List?

4 Commercial Spaces That Need Digital Signage Design Does Your Vertical Make the List?

At Crown Audio Video, we’ve helped many businesses succeed through our commercial automation solutions. We’ve installed and supported commercial audio and video, conference room automation systems and more for our Plano, TX, customers.

As such, we always keep up with the hottest commercial AV trends so that we can showcase the best and brightest and ideas to clients that guarantee an up-to-date office space. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen one particular solution, digital signage, transform from a trend to a modern office staple. According to Chris Mertens, vice president of U.S. End User Sales, B2B Displays at Samsung, “Digital signage is that next level of reaching out to customers and engaging with them, making it an immersive experience for both internal and external customers.”

We have noticed that some offices lend themselves to digital signage design more than others. Keep reading to find out which businesses benefit most, and why you’re missing out if you’ve never given these stunning displays a second look.

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Humans are visual creatures, and there are very few visuals that can compete with tasty food. Show off pictures of your signature dishes, display up-to-date menus, highlight drink specials and more.

When a hot new eatery opens, restaurant owners expect large crowds on critical times like Friday or Saturday evening. No one likes a wait, but you can make it more enjoyable. Get creative with interactive displays by asking trivia questions or displaying short videos. On a more educational note, try using video to post important nutritional facts or share which foods accommodate common allergen needs or a vegan diet, so guests feel more informed and comfortable before ordering.

Running a sales promotion that you want everyone to see, even before they commit to walking into your store? No matter what your retail center sells, digital signage doesn’t waste time showing information, like a 40% sale on sweaters or a zero-down financing option for luxury cars. When a customer casually strolls by your storefront, there’s nothing like a visual reminder that they need what you’re selling. Even if they don’t, a close-up image of your product’s quality, like a zoomed-in look at exquisite jewelry or leather, will drive customers into your shop and away from competitors.

Hotels often feature several smaller businesses within one, making information hard to keep up with for customers and difficult to update for you. You might host several restaurants, bars, shopping areas, spas and more just within your hospitality center, not to mention your actual lodging business. This complexity alone necessitates digital signage for hotels. A digital signage slideshow can showcase happy hour specials for a few seconds, then switch to any discounts or shuttle service info. You can also display social media incentives, like preferred hashtags or a photo contest in exchange for free nights.


Corporate Office

When a prospective client or employee sits down in your lobby, what do you want them to see? Display benefits of working with you or facts about your business in your front office to attract talent or sales opportunities to passers-by.

Corporate offices might not have as much digital signage scattered through the building as a retail space, since it could distract office workers, but placing some signage in a break room could engage employees. Draw attention to fun facts about staff members, birthdays, workaversaries or team wins.

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