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3 Ways Your Frisco Office can Benefit from Lighting Control

Control Your Lights, Control Your Bottom Line

3 Ways Your Frisco Office can Benefit from Lighting Control

Many commercial spaces aren’t paying enough attention to their lighting, and the effect is wasted energy and money. If you own or operate an office building in Texas, consider lighting control to help manage the use of electricity and keep the books balanced. If you haven’t heard of automated lighting, it places all your illumination devices under one system. You can change your settings in any room from one set of controls, which can include on-wall touchpanels, smartphones, or tablets. This may all sound convenient, but you’re probably wondering how it will impact your bottom line. Read on to learn about three ways lighting control can improve your office’s efficiency. 

Use Less Light

One obvious way to reduce lighting costs is to use less light. Start with the unnecessary uses of electricity. Often, an office’s lights will stay on all night or over the weekend when no one is using them. One reason this is such an issue is that people tend to forget about the lights or expect another employee to turn them off. With automated lighting, you will eliminate this human error. You could install sensors that will monitor when a space is occupied and turn on the lights, so that when everyone has gone home, all the lights automatically turn off. Add sensors to areas like the bathrooms or conference rooms, so that those spaces that aren’t in use throughout the day won’t be wasting energy.

Harvest the Daylight

Another way to reduce your electricity bill is by using natural light. For spaces in the building that receive a lot of sunlight, this can be an excellent option. Program your lights to an astronomical clock or light sensors, which tracks the movement of the sun. In the mornings, when the sun is still rising, your lights will be brighter but then will gradually dim with the increasing sunlight--automatically. Your lights can intelligently maintain an optimal light level and save you energy.

Integrating motorized shades with your lighting control will streamline the daylight harvesting process. For instance, in the mornings, the sun’s extreme angle can produce harsh glares that will distract workers. Synchronize your motorized shades with your lights, so that in the morning, the lights are bright and the shades are drawn. Then, when the sun is higher in the sky, the shades can ascend, and the lights dim. This saves you money without compromising the comfort of the office.

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Keep Track

Lighting control systems usually offer an energy management service. You will be able to track where the most electricity is being used, what is being wasted, and where you are doing well. These insights will help you decide on the changes that will have the most impact on your specific office. Remember, all the money you save on unnecessary energy expenses can be better used to grow your business. With lighting control, you will have the tools you need.

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