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3 Ways to “Get Away” With Outdoor Entertainment

Banish Boredom With These Ideas

3 Ways to “Get Away” With Outdoor Entertainment

When you’re living on autopilot (“What day is it, again?”) or stressed by work, homeschooling and uncertain news, your creativity might suffer. That’s why when your day calms down, the last thing you want to think of is some novel, unexplored pastime: It’s easier to watch “The Office” for the tenth time through, right?

However, we believe in making the most of every day and would be more than happy to give you some fresh ideas to optimize your time at home, and we think you should start by heading outside as often as possible. Doing so will not only free you of your four walls but also the monotony of your routine. Plus, outdoor entertainment can prove one of the best outlets for quality alone or family time. Read on for some memorable ways to pass the time outside this spring and summer.

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A Serene Space for “Me Time”

Everyone experiences this pandemic differently. While some aren’t working currently and feeling isolated, others are dealing with the pressure cooker-like balancing of family, career, school, normal household responsibilities, caretaking and more. No matter your circumstances, you deserve to take a break outside.

If you find meditation beneficial, our outdoor audio blankets the desired outdoor space with high-fidelity sound. We position speakers and subwoofers so that the audio sounds clear and full enough to be immersive but never boomy or distracting. Pick a spot that looks serene, whether it’s a corner garden or covered gazebo, and we can design surround sound that offers an escape.

Maybe your form of “meditation” is spending alone time viewing Youtube videos or playing video games. If so, we can add video to any outdoor setup, or even install a full outdoor theater using durable equipment. Keep in mind that game consoles themselves aren’t weatherproof, so consider streaming your games from your XBOX or PlayStation to your smart TV. If you like PC games, a service called Steam can synch your favorite computer games to your outdoor TV.


A Family Movie Night

Though you’ve been spending more time with your family lately, you probably miss the quality time you used to have when you went out. If dinner and a movie was your choice activity, you can continue that tradition while enjoying some fresh air. Order in, kick back and stream a new release.

Crown can install a full outdoor theater audio and video suite that mimics the cineplex but adapts to outdoor conditions, including a full-size, weatherproof projector or TV, hidden speakers, subterranean subwoofers and any tech enclosures we can add to further prevent weather damage.

Savor a Swim-In Movie

If you own a properly chlorinated pool or hot tub (that no one outside your household has used), the CDC gives you the green light to take a dip. And what would be more enjoyable on a late spring evening than a swim-in movie? Audio video installations near water require some special care because they tend to be in sunny areas: Our chosen partner, SunbriteTV, makes displays with UV-protected, splash-proof screens that come in various brightness levels.

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