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3 Ways to Enhance Your Whole Home With Audio

Infuse Hi-Fi Sound to Every Corner of Your Texas Home

3 Ways to Enhance Your Whole Home With Audio

Smart audio can change the way you listen to your favorite music. Immersing yourself in your favorite movie or music album doesn’t have to become an intrusion on your home’s décor or the activities of the rest of your family. Install a whole home audio system that keeps everyone in your Frisco, Texas residence happy by combining Crown Audio Video’s acoustic treatments with Origin Acoustics’ high-end speakers.

Keep Your Components Hidden From View

The engineers at Origin Acoustics introduced the first line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in the 1970’s, allowing equipment to be discreetly hidden while delivering immersive sound. Over the years, they have evolved to include diverse lines, ranging from the Director to the Thinfit collection, designed for areas with limited space. All speakers are finished with ultra-fine grilles painted to blend perfectly with your walls and ceilings.

Complement your discreet speakers with a whole home audio system that lets you keep your video and audio sources hidden away. Blu-Ray players, CD players and satellite boxes can be tucked away in an A/V closet as matrix switchers send the content to the various speakers throughout your home. You have immediate access to it all, including digital media stored on a cloud or server, from your touchpad, tablet or smartphone.

Prepare Your Space for Ultimate Enjoyment

With no design limitations, you can scatter speakers throughout your home. This allows you to build distinct sound zones so each member of the family gets the most out of their favorite entertainment without disrupting others. Crown Audio Video combines its trademark sound masking and acoustic treatments to create a space primed to get the most out of your audio setup.

Sound masking is about keeping exterior sound from entering or leaving a room or zone. For example, your home theater is isolated from music playing in the living room and you can raise the volume without disrupting anyone outside. Acoustic treatments ensure the audio wavelengths in the room are optimized with a combination of absorption panels and diffusers. Absorption panels help to absorb the sound and diffusers help to scatter the sound to create the perfect balance.

Take Your Music Outdoors

How can you extend the benefits of Acoustic Origin speakers to outdoor spaces where ceilings and walls are in short supply? The company’s outdoor Seasons collection includes landscape speakers that are easy to mount in all locations and easily blend into your scenery. Wires are installed underground or in walls to keep them hidden from view. You can use your whole home audio system to distribute music to the weather-proof speakers and keep vulnerable sources indoors.

Contact Crown Audio Video today to combine high-end audio equipment with acoustic treatments to let your family get the most out of their favorite soundtracks.