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3 Ways Smart Home Automation Keeps You Comfortable During the Holiday Season

Crown Audio Video Installs Smart Home Controls for Families in Southlake, Texas

3 Ways Smart Home Automation Keeps You Comfortable During the Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means you’ll have more decorations hanging around the home, more lights on at all hours, and more guests who will be enjoying entertainment with you. A smart home automation system not only helps managing a household easier day to day, but it also takes some stress off of you during high-traffic times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. With so many people trying to control the audio, video, and thermostat, make it easy for everyone with a Control4 system. Read this blog to find out 3 easy ways you can use your smart home system to stay comfortable this holiday season.

1. Enjoy comfort and convenience with Control4 climate control
Your in-laws are staying with you in Southlake, Texas for Thanksgiving and you want the whole family to be comfortable. A Control4 system is easy enough for anyone to use—even Grandma. Simply open up an app on your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen device and select the temperature you’d like in the house. With a smart system, you can also set different temperatures in each room; 75 in the guest house, and 71 in the kitchen as you use the hot oven to cook a pumpkin pie. If you want to make sure you aren’t running the HVAC all the time, you can set the thermostat at a certain temperature at different times. For example, wake up to a cozy 75 degrees, and then as the sun rises high in the afternoon, the system automatically changes the temperature to 72. Heated floors, forced air, fan, humidity, and pool settings can all be adjusted with smart controls as well depending on your individual HVAC system.

2. Experience a smarter way of living with lighting control
Leaving all the lights on when no one is there can be a wasteful habit. To prevent wasting energy and save a little more on your utility bills, have us install lighting controls and occupancy sensors. The lights will turn on as you move throughout the home, and then shut off when you leave. If you’d rather not have sensors, you can always turn lights on and off with the swipe of your finger on a wall switch, or through the Control4 app on your mobile device. Dimmers also add an elegant ambience for family occasions at the dinner table or in the sitting room. We can even integrate Phillips HUE smart light bulbs to add some colored light to your home, and your holiday lights too.

3. Create scenes for special gatherings with family and friends
Once you have complete control of all the functions in your home—the lighting, shading, audio, video, climate, and more—you can connect them together into unique scenes. Are you going to do some early shopping on Black Friday? Create a wake-up scene by setting your whole house music system and lights to turn on at 4 a.m. Blast a fun holiday song, grab a cup of coffee, and head out with the family to scratch off the items on your shopping list. Later in the day, dim the lights for a cozy dinner, then hit one button in the home theater to watch a fun film together. Crown Audio Video and Control4 help bring families together during the holidays and all year round to make memories and truly enjoy every season.

Would you like to make your home smarter with a Control4 system installation? Simply fill out this online form. We think your holidays and special occasions will go smoother this year and be more fun.