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3 Ways Motorized Window Treatments Enhance Entertainment

Ambient Light Control and Strategic Drapery Placement Boost Your Movie-Viewing

3 Ways Motorized Window Treatments Enhance Entertainment

When you hear about motorized window treatments, you probably think of their proven energy conservation perks; you might also associate them with the aesthetic benefits of multiple fabric options. But very few people would say they’re the first smart home technology that comes to mind when they sit down to watch a movie or TV show. After you read this blog and picture some entertainment benefits within your Highland Park, TX, home, we hope you’ll broaden your view.

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Control Ambient Light

Your local movie theater is dark inside for a reason. Its windowless setup automatically prevents ambient glare from affecting the picture quality. However, if you didn’t build a space in your home for a theater, you might have to get more creative with an existing room that’s brighter than your ideal.

Crown Audio Video can convert even a sunny room into an entertainment space. Many people choose ambient light rejecting screens or brighter projector imagers to dispel glare, but using motorized shades provides flexibility by enabling you to select the models and brands you truly want. Lutron’s blackout shades are engineered to block light completely by lying flush to the window and covering the space with an opaque woven material.

Replicate the Cineplex Feel

There’s something magical about the moments before the movie starts. You’ve probably sat through 15 minutes of commercials and eaten most of your popcorn, when, the moment finally arrives: The lights lower and the curtain drops, signaling you that the feature you’ve waited months to see will start playing soon.

Want to recreate that same dramatic effect in your own home theater? Lutron has created motorized draperies like their Kirbé lineup that drops fabric vertically, like a movie curtain. When you raise your Kirbé window treatments, they pull the fabric up and completely out of the way, eliminating the “stack back” fabric effect you find in other brands. Integrate these draperies into your “Movie” lighting scene just like any other automated draperies: Tap the scene on your Lutron app to see your blackout shades and “movie curtain” lower in seconds. You can choose between ripplefold or pinch pleat styles and nearly limitless fabric options, including a classic red velvet.

Reframe Your Display

Of course, vertical drapes provide an aesthetic boost that makes any home theater a more immersive escape, but did you know that you could also make your picture render differently, creating an Old Hollywood effect? Crown Audio and Video can integrate a home automation scene that not only turns the projector on and dims the lights but also lowers the shades to mimic a widescreen look by visually reshaping your display.

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Can you believe that motorized shades can dispel glare and offer a complete cinematic experience? You’ll be more surprised when you see them work in your own home! Give us a call at (214) 377-9434, or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation with our team. We look forward to showing you more creative ways to enjoy your favorite entertainment.