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3 Ways Digital Signage Design Can Benefit Your Gym in 2020

Get your business in shape in the New Year

3 Ways Digital Signage Design Can Benefit Your Gym in 2020

If you run a gym in Dallas, TX, you know your establishment is more than just a place where people can work out. It’s a place of commitment and good lifestyle choices, where your clients can help improve their physical fitness and get more out of life. And that means you’re not running a static space. It’s dynamic and ever-changing – and you need a digital signage design that reflects that philosophy. In this blog, we’ll show you three smart ways digital signs can benefit your gym in the New Year.

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Changing Schedules

Your day-to-day isn't just dumbells and yoga mats. It's a fluid and continually changing environment of fitness. Not only do you have to maintain your equipment, you have to manage all the fitness classes that occur throughout the day. Whether it's aerobic instruction, spinning, MMA, or anything in between, you need to ensure your clients understand when the classes start and if there are any changes throughout the day.

Digital signage helps you keep everyone informed of the changing situations. If an instructor calls out, or a class’ start time gets pushed back, you can quickly adjust the messaging on your boards. It will help minimize confusion and ensure your clients have a happy visit to your gym.

Promoting Sales

Of course, classes and schedules are just a part of the equation. You also need to encourage your supplements and other sale items that help boost your revenue stream. You can easily do it with the right digital signage.

From vitamins and nutrients to branded apparel and towels, there are some products you need to move throughout the day. Digital signs allow you to highlight specific promotions and change them quickly and easily with a few keystrokes on your computer. You don't have to go for a hard sell; just influence behavior with an eye-catching sign that's ready for your clients.

Menu Items

In some cases, you have more than just gym things to worry about. More and more gyms also expand into meal planning and smoothie preparation. Digital signs are a perfect way to get the most out of your ever-changing menu – and to highlight items that you want to push before they expire.

Digital signs allow you to get creative with your offerings and ensure your customers know when you’re out of an item. If you can’t use chocolate protein powder or you run out of strawberry juice, it won’t be a problem to remove those items from the menu.

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