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3 Keys to Creating the Right Environment in Your Boardroom

What Your Boardroom in McKinney, Texas is Missing

3 Keys to Creating the Right Environment in Your Boardroom

Effortless meetings lead to enhanced user experience and reflect directly on your business. Imagine you're pitching a potential client, waiting for telecommuters to call-in, or hosting a board of directors meeting; the critical component is the user experience. People walk into a boardroom to communicate, connect, and collaborate and the environment should take into account the space, the audience, and the technology. While many companies in McKinney, Texas have invested in upgrades at individual workspaces, fewer have extended that investment into the boardroom. So what is your boardroom missing? Here are three keys to making your meeting effective in the workplace with the right boardroom automation system.

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#1: Have a Strong Network

We've said it before and we'll keep saying it: the network is the backbone of your smart system. You need the very best connection to power your technology. Without it, your video conference call will lag and have interruptions, your audio will cut out and that will ultimately prevent productivity and profits. High-speed Internet only party relates to your Internet Service Provider. The quality and scope of the service does have an impact but it's not the only solution. Crown has commercial-grade, high-quality components that will ensure your connection is reliable. We also have the technical know-how to set up a large network for corporate companies and large-scale operations. Work with a professional and you'll get professional results.

#2: Use a Customizable System

We urge you not to simply choose the first video conferencing system or automation system you come across. There are many systems on the market that help facilitate meetings and calls, but what you really need is to invest in a system that can be easily customized to your unique needs – not just today but for years to come. With wireless controls, you can open an app on a tablet and pick the actions and settings you'd like to use, then save it or change it later. For example, get ready for a big conference call ahead of time by going into the Control4 app, picking the temperature of the room, whether you want the shades up or down, the lighting levels, make the video conferencing system turn on and then select a time and date. Everything will automatically turn on when it's time for the meeting. With the swipe of a finger you can dramatically change your functions any time.

#3: Integrate Every Aspect of the Room

Audio, video, phones, computers, and video conferencing software are aspects of a boardroom you can't do without – but have you considered in investing in the other parts of the room? Automate the lights, shades, and thermostat so you can create the right environment for your meetings. Often overlooked, but still crucial, the setting of the meeting plays a role in how everyone responds to the matters at hand. If it's too hot, they'll lose focus; if it's too dark they'll want to fall asleep; if the sun is hurting their eyes, they'll be uncomfortable. Take every part of the room into consideration and integrate it into the system. So not only will the projector and audio turn on, but the lights will dim, the shades will go down and the HVAC system will set to a comfortable degree.

We hope you take these 3 keys into account when surveying your business operations. We can help! Simply fill out this online form to get in touch with us.